Just IN: This Sex Toy Can Get You Pregnant

Thanks to a new invention, the way lesbian couples procreate will change forever.

lesbians kissing

Introducing The Semenette, a sex toy that ejaculates.

The goal of The Semenette is to create a more natural, less awkward environment in a moment that should be special for couples.

Stephanie Berman, the company's founder, created The Semenette for lesbian couples who want the option of insemination without "killing the mood." And to be fair, it certainly sounds more romantic than a doctor's office.


She wrote to The New York Post about how the sex toy came to be:

"When it came time for my wife and I to start the process, I quickly realized how few ideal options there were for us to conceive at home," Berman wrote. "We didn't have the financial means, or the desire, to have a doctor inseminate my wife — but the only things available to us were either a turkey baster or needle-less syringe. And yes, people really do use turkey basters!"

A turkey baster? We can't say we blame her for wanting other options.

"After making a few attempts at home, we were both really unfulfilled by the experience," Berman explains. "It was so impersonal, not romantic and just outright awful! I wanted more for us, and that's when the idea for The Semenette began. I did a lot of research and finally had a working prototype my wife and I were able to use and try out. What a difference a dildo makes!"


The Semenette is phallic-shaped and has a side tube that can be squeezed when you'd like to inseminate. The demand for such a product has always been there, which is why the product has been "flying off the shelves," according to the creator.

Thanks to her own product, Berman and her partner have a baby girl. Her work is far from done, though. The company's founder is now working on a version of the sex toy that is "non-anatomically-realistic, non-phallic and comes in non-realistic colors."

They claim the sex toy is "more than a squirting dildo" and rightfully so ... it's more like history in the making.