10 Of Most Unintentionally Dirty Toys For Kids EVER

Believe it or not, these are toys that were made and designed for CHILDREN.

LOL Elmo from Amazon.com

While it must be fun to be a toy designer, it's probably also pretty difficult. You have to design something that's functional, fun, sturdy, and appropriate for the proper age bracket. Then, it's going to be mass produced and put together by a bunch of people who probably don't even care about what they're making.

That's why it's understandable that sometimes, a toy gets released that's a little inappropriate. Not on purpose, but somewhere along the way, something or someone got confused, and the toy came out hilariously dirty. Whether it was just a bad design,  a misplaced piece, or a complete failure, these things happen.


It's funny because it's not on purpose. It would be awful to think about some toy exec purposely making a sexy toy for kids. The fact that the people involved had good intentions, however, makes it the perfect comedy fodder. Here are the most unintentionally dirty toys we could find!

10. Inflatable Wolverine Hammer

inflatable wolverine hammer

This inflatable hammer has Wolverine printed on it and has the blow up nozzle printed in the most unfortunate spot ever. Look at Wolverine's face. He's clearly not happy about this at all.


2. Animal Butt Hooks

I'm pretty sure they're meant to be cute, but seriously? It's a bunch of animal butts you hang on the wall, because that's what kids need. More animal butts. Incidentally, my girlfriend probably just ordered like 20 of these.


3. Mr. Bucket

Mr Bucket from Milton Bradley

Coming up with new children's games must be hard, I get it. This game involves putting balls in Mr Bucket's head, which he then shoots out of his mouth. You play with his balls and he shoots them out of his mouth hole. It's a little gross.


4. Transforming Punisher

from Toy Biz transforming punisher

For some reason, this Punisher toy can transform into a gun. Whatever, kids would go for that. Unfortunately, the barrel of his gun is attached to his crotch. Normally, it's tucked away and everything's fine. It just looks like the Punisher really enjoys the transformation process.

5. LOL Elmo

lol elmo from Playskool

Elmo's had a weird history with letting kids tickle him. This toy takes it to a new level by having Elmo lay on his back with legs splayed open. You know, how normal people pose before they get "tickled."


6. Yelling Tarzan

Yelling Tarzan from Mattel

Tarzan swings around the jungle, yelling at the top of his lungs. I understand how this toy was made, but the play feature makes it seem like Tarzan is having way too fun playing with himself.

7. Angela from the Spawn Action Figure Line

from MacFarlane Toys 6. Angela from the Spawn Action Figure Line

At first, this looks like a typical comic book toy: A scantily clad woman wearing clothes that aren't practical for fighting in any way. It's already kind of creepy. Unfortunately, they forgot to paint underneath her skirt, leaving that area flesh colored. Then they sold it to little kids. Uncomfortable.


8. Buzz Lightyear Cup

buzz lightyear cup

This is one of those toys where the different parts were made by people who weren't communicating with each other. Or maybe they were and did this on purpose and belong in prison.

9. Vibrating Harry Potter Broom

from Mattel 8. Vibrating Harry Potter Broom

This toy is a broom for kids to pretend to fly around, just like Harry Potter. Also, it vibrates. The people who made this toy took the "and up" part of the suggested age range a little too seriously.


1. Archie Bunker's Grandson

archie bunker grandson toy

Normally, this would just be kind of an odd tie-in product for a show that you wouldn't really expect it from. The thing is, this baby doll is anatomically correct. It leaves no doubt that this is really his grandson, if you catch my drift.