5 Ways Strong, Brave Women Move On From Getting Dumped

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how to move on from a breakup

Breakups in general are hard, but being dumped is even harder. It's something everyone has gone through at least once, but also something we tend to forget over time.

Heartbreak is one of the worst pains imaginable, but the good thing about it is that once you heal, you tend to forget how badly it once hurt. Here's how to move on from a breakup and reach that final stage of forgetting and coping with your heartbreak.

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1. Distract your mind.

When I broke up with my boyfriend, all I could think about was everything I had lost. So much time and energy went into our relationship. I couldn't help but think of everything we had been through.

The best trick for this is to literally train your mind not to think about it. Choose someone or something to think of that can completely distract your mind. Maybe an upcoming event or vacation you're excited about. Or maybe even a cute boy you have your eye on. Whatever it is, choose wisely: something or someone who is completely disconnected from your ex.

Now, every time that pesky ex-boyfriend pops into your mind, force yourself to think of this other thing. It's hard at first, but if that something or someone is captivating enough, it will help you keep your mind clear of all the heartbreak. 

2. Cut off all contact.

This is one of the hardest steps of how to move on from a breakup, but the most rewarding. It's natural to think of your ex constantly after a breakup. However, under no circumstances should you contact your ex in ANY form — no texts, no calls, no tweets.

Reaching out to your ex is a good way to make yourself not only feel lousy, but also to make yourself look desperate. If you've been dumped, it is never a good idea to reach out post-breakup. Wait for him to come to you, and if he doesn't? Then he obviously isn’t the one for you. 

3. Get out of your house.

Sitting around the house eating ice cream and watching romantic movies will only make you more sad and will make your mental state unbearable. Go shopping, see a movie, get a mani-pedi or meet up for drinks with friends.

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Do whatever it takes to get yourself out of the house and into a clear mindset. Do something nice for yourself. You deserve it.

4. Stay off social media.

Social media will only make your heartbreak worse. Don’t stalk those perfect couples who make you wish you were still with your ex, don't look at fun weekend pictures that make you jealous about what you missed, and absolutely, do NOT stalk your ex on social media. Stalking your ex will only result in further heartache.

5. Don't rush into anything new. 

Many people assume that the best remedy to getting over someone is to getting under someone else. This is actually one of the worst things you can do.

The odds that you're going to find the perfect match right after a breakup is almost impossible. Instead, what often ends up happening is that you settle for someone who gives you the littlest bit of attention and affection every woman craves post-breakup, and you end up feeling disappointed this person isn't your ex.

One-night stands won't make you feel better, ladies. They will make you miss what you had, or make you feel even worse about yourself then you already do. Don't rush into anything right after a breakup. What you really need is some independence in order to get reacquainted with life on your own.

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