Hilarious New Ice Cream Flavors PERFECTLY Sum Up PMS

PMS ice cream labels

That time of the month can be anywhere from annoying to hell. And, apparently, nobody knows that better than graphic designer Parker Jones who created ice cream labels that explain the myriad emotions women feel during THAT time of the month.

Mint chocolate chip, i.e "I need some more," spells out the increasibly awful PMS feelings of: hungry, famished, craving, starving, ravenousness, overloaded, and stuffed.

Chocolate is labeled "don't come near me" for the ladies who just want to be left alone during their trying time. The label lists the steps to this stage as anger, rage, whining, crying, anxiety, laugher, and repeat.

Strawberry is called "I think I'm dying" which breaks down the seven days of a woman's period as "it's only just begin," "hell is coming," "can't turn back now," "only a few more days," "dear god make it stop," "please tell me it's over," and "sweet relief."