If You Really Want To Be Happy, STOP Doing These 3 Things [VIDEO]

Here's how you can find real happiness, once and for all!

woman smiling

Sometimes, finding genuine happiness feels like a pretty elusive goal. Like trying to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time; you can do it for a few minutes but somewhere along the way you miss a step and have to start all over.


For many of us, the search for happiness feels just like this.  We're happy one minute and miserable the next.  Why doesn't happiness stick around for longer? Is there some magic formula that a happy person has figured out that the rest of us are missing? 

When you consider all of the advice out there on creating a happy life, you hear things like: "don't sweat the small stuff" or set goals and achieve them, then you'll be happy. But none of these solutions seem to last for long.

Graduating college, getting married, having a baby, losing weight, making a good income... these things may bring happiness for a moment, but rarely for a lifetime.


We decided to take the question to Google and see who is really happy anyway?  What did we find? Over a billion (yes a BILLION) results come up for the question "who is happy"? Officially, this is overwhelming.  Everyone is looking to be happy and no one seems to have the answer.

Then a voice of reason stepped in.  In this very short video, author Lisa Steadman shares some sage advice for those of us stuck on the "where's happiness" train.

Stop. Doing. It.  

Picture this scenario. After going on lousy dates with the wrong guys, you promise yourself that you're going to make a few changes. Instead of rushing into things, you plan to work on yourself first. Be the best you that you can possibly be.  


But life gets in the way. You end up pushing everything off until later and unfortunately, later never comes. You're left exactly where you started single, alone, longing for love and feeling like it's all your fault.

So we ask you this: what exactly are you waiting for?

Here's the brutal truth. Constantly telling yourself one thing, only to retract it later when the going gets tough won't help you achieve your goals. Not only should you see every challenge as an opportunity for further growth, you must also be willing to try even if you're uncertain about what will happen.

It's your life.  And it's time to start living it.

Lisa is right.  Watch her video and if you're searching for happiness we challenge you to stop looking and simple BE.  Be whatever you are right in this moment and love yourself for just who you are today.  And when the urge hits to beat yourself up once more for being "not enough", come back and watch this video again.


We promise you, you'll be happy that you did.