Men Who Are "Taken" Are More Desirable To Women, Says Study

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Men Who Are "Taken" Are More Desirable To Women, Says Science

Does it seem like all the good guys you're interested in are taken? Ladies: we have all been there. You might chalk this up to bad luck, but it seems like science has dug into this phenomenon and there's a reason why you're having a bad running streak. Sadly, part of it is that there just isn't enough men for all of us, and secondly, men who are taken men are scientifically more desirable!

That's right.

Science says that women are uncontrollably attracted to taken men. A study published in Journal of Experimental Psychology found that female animals are more likely to "mate-poach." 

Welp, this is a bit troubling, especially if you're not the type to break girl code! Does this mean most women are evil home-wreckers? According to scientists: NO. It just means that the men who are already taken tend to have more "desirable" qualities over the males who aren't taken. 

The same study polled women who poach men who are already taken and results show that his relationship status didn't factor into their attraction. So, apparently married dudes and dudes with girlfiriends are giving off some sort of subconscious vibe — perhaps the ability to commit to someone?

Make sense, but it still seems pretty messed up that we're naturally attracted to someone who is off-limits.