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The Month Most People Get Divorced — And Why

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The Month Most People Get Divorced — And Why

There's a time and season for most things in the world and that includes big relationship moves. Most people equate the warmer months with "single season" because people are out mingling more and DUH, wearing fewer clothes, whereas winter months have been deemed "relationship season" because of time spent indoors cuddling and keeping warm.

But when is the most popular time for divorce? 

According to FindLaw, we might as well replace March on the calendar with "Divorce Month." The website, which is used for free legal information, says that it gets a 50 percent boost in searches for the words "divorce, family law, and child custody" in March.

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"While they've been thinking about divorce for some time, and taking steps such as obtaining marital counseling to save their marriage, many men and women may put off their decision to file to avoid additional stress during the holiday season," Mark Ohnstad, a Minneapolis attorney told FindLaw.

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It makes sense. We're told all our lives the holiday season is the time where everything is "magical" and it brings everyone together. The truth is it's also the time people suppress many problems they might be having in order to avoid ruining the holidays for everyone else. Also, lots of awkward conversations about divorce over holiday dinner? No, thank you! 

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If you're wondering why January isn't divorce month instead (since technically all of the major holidays end in December) it's because people still want a date and gifts for Valentine's Day. Sneaky!

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on March 12, 2015 and was updated with the latest information.

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