The Struggle Is REAL! 5 Reasons Feminists Can't Find Love

rosie the riveter

Because you can only hear so many "So, why do you hate men?" comments before you snap.

I'm a feminist.

Let me rephrase that. I am a woman who is a feminist, believes that everyone should be treated like a human being and loves men. Even though those three words seem pretty simple and straightforward, you would be surprised by the amount of "havock" they've wrecked in my personal and love life. I'm 23 and I'm still trying to write my own love story.

Dating in today's age is an uphill battle on its own without having the added worry—or annoyance—that being yourself is going to set your date off. But you can only hear so many "So, why do you hate men?" comments before you have to wonder just why your beliefs is something that either has to always be up for debate or grossly exaggerated.

One of the most awkward dating experiences I've ever had involved a guy I was really into, a mutual friend's house party...and Beyoncé. After I pretended that I hadn't been creeping his Facebook for while, we immediately hit it off and started mock flirting with ridiculous pick up lines from Star Wars, which I clearly took as a sign that we were meant to be.

That is, until Beyoncé's song "***Flawless" (which is often seen as a feminist anthem) started playing and he proceeded to roll his eyes and then yell "Enough with the retarded feminist crap, already!"

It's safe to say that ended pretty quickly. For some reason, when it comes to dating while feminist, the struggle is as real as ever. For starters, once that check arrives, it's anxiety time; trying to figure out who should pay for the bill is like being in the hunger games. These are just a few of the other issues that come up on dates that make me want to facepalm.

You'll Face Stereotypes All Day, Everyday.
(Their) Expectation: You're in a relationship with your cat.
(Your) Reality: You don't even like cats...much.
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General Assumption: You're Either Really Easy Or A Total Prude.
Side. Eye.

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Saying The "F-Word" Means Saying Goodbye To Your Date (OR To Getting Laid).
The minute the words "I'm a feminist" leave your mouth, people automatically run for the hills.
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Getting Offended By Anything Means You Have A Major Attitude Problem.
I'm not angry; I just like having my equal rights right where I can see them.
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Some Guys (Women Too!) Will Use It As An Excuse To Be Rude As Hell.
I don't care if you're a man, woman or a dog. If you don't hold the door for the person who is right behind you, you are just a terrible human being. End of story.
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