8 Things No Self-Respecting Lady Should Ever Do For A Grown Man

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show your man you care. But how much is too much when it comes to nurturing and loving your man (especially before you’re married?)

Here are eight things that you should never do for a man you love:

Nurturing his boo-boos

Nurturing his boo boos

Did he scrape his knee? Or cut his finger?

It’s one thing to empathize with him but when it comes to you cleaning his cut, putting antibiotic cream on it and placing the Band-Aid on his sore, you've gone too far.

As someone who’s done it before, I wouldn't recommend it.

Emotional boo-boos? A different thing all-together, as are legitimate trips to the hospital.

Those, you should step up for. 

His man-scaping


It’s one thing to take a shower together but it’s another to personally help him with his grooming by shaving his man-parts.

This is absolutely off-limits and is something that he should be doing for himself. Also: gross.

Cutting his toenails


They make nail salons for a reason.

There’s no reason you should be cutting a grown man’s toenails.

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Ironing his clothes every day


Once upon a time, I would iron my ex’s clothes every day. But unless you two are married, this is an absolute no-no.

This also goes back to giving a man "husband privileges" before he's made the ultimate commitment.

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Pay his bills

pay his bills

You should never be paying your significant others’ bills with your hard-earned money.


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Pay for too many dates

Pay for too many dates

I usually offer to pay by date three or four (that's just polite) but when a guy is asking you to come out of your pocket on a consistent basis when you *know* he has no issue paying for dates with other women, there's a major issue.

If he can afford all of these other things, he can certainly afford to foot the bill from time to time.

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Schedule his appointments

Schedule his appointments

You’re neither his wife nor his secretary so no, you aren’t calling his doctor to schedule an appointment unless it’s for the two of you.

Clean his house

Clean his house

In addition to not being his mother, caretaker, nail technician or secretary, here's another  surprising fact: you’re also not is his housekeeper!

That’s right, if you two live together, it’s perfectly fine to take up your end of the housework. But if you find you’re doing most of the work inside and he isn't even servicing the outside of the house as needed, then it's time for a chit-chat.

Consistently cleaning up behind a man is something you should never do – especially if you’re not married.

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