7 Things We're Thinking When Guys Run Into The Shower Post-Nookie

Showering is good. Showering is important. If people didn't shower, then society wouldn't function as it should and we'd be no different than the millions of rats who call the New York City subway system a home. Although, we wouldn't have those naked tails, so there would be that and that would be a good thing.

But what if, immediately after sex, the person you had just, well, sexed, jumped up and ran for the shower? As in, totally skipped the oh-so important post-coitus cuddle period, just so they could wash themselves clean of all of it? How would you feel? Sad? Angry? Insecure? Or nothing at all, because that’s your MO, too?

We crowdsourced some women to see how they'd feel if their partner (or one-night stand, whomever) ran to shower right after sex every single time. Here's what they had to say.

"Sex is gross…"

"I'd be fine with it. People have their own levels of what they consider clean and sex is totally gross. I wouldn't take it as a slight in any way," says Colleen, 31.

"I wouldn't be offended or take it personally - sex IS pretty gross, if you think about it. However, I think it might bother me in the long run if it got in the way of things like cuddling. Also, I feel like it would limit where one could have sex. You're not always RIGHT next to a shower or have access to running water. What if we go camping, or to hang with friends in a dry cabin? What if my family's place in Michigan isn't good enough for them for vacation? Is there a way around it? Would they accept occasionally using baby wipes to clean up afterwards? SO MANY QUESTIONS," says Becki, 30.

It's about accepting the hygiene preferences of others.

"My boyfriend showers after sex every single time and is very demanding about it. It took me a really long time to get used to, especially because even if it's 5 am, we still have to go shower. But then I realized that he's uber hygienic in general, and I stopped taking offense to it. The man washes his feet every night before he gets into bed. His feet," says Sadie, 29.

"Over time, I'd probably get slightly annoyed and throw an eye-roll or two. I wanna get to the cuddling! But I understand that everyone has a different comfort level of hygiene, so I wouldn't let it ruin the relationship," says Alexandra, 24.

Nope, it's not going to work.

"A shower to wash away the sins of sexy time? Sounds like someone so different from me in beliefs that we'd have more problems in the relationship than just that one," says Jen, 35.

"F*ck that. Seriously. That's my final answer. F*ck that and his shower, too," Autumn, 26.

"It would make me feel like I'm dirty or something, and I don't want to feel that way. When I turned my back on Catholicism forever ago, that meant I turned my back on Catholic guilt, too, and that sounds like some serious Catholic guilt sh*t to me. No thanks," says Amanda, 31.