The 10 Most Traumatizing Ways To Get Dumped, According To Reddit

What is WRONG with people?


The inevitable truth: People break up. Sometimes it's a long time coming, sometimes it's a mutual decision after some discussion, and sometimes people are legitimately caught off-guard. Either way, breaking up is never fun and never easy, for both the broken-hearted AND the person breaking hearts. There's no cookie-cutter right way to end things amicably, however, when it comes to the WRONG way to break up with someone, we can all agree that the 10 following scenarios are basically terrible.


Reddit user rockerintherye asked commenters to share the worst way they've been dumped and the answers are just as awful as you expected: 

1. The Birthday "Surprise"
"I dated a girl for about a year. Throughout this year she spent the entire time telling me about how her ex-boyfriend dumped her on her birthday and how she'd never forgive him. So what did I do? I dumped her on her birthday, of course. Not intentionally though; I actually forgot it was her birthday, which I suppose is a double whammy." — AdequateSteve

2. The Teacher's Pet
"My English teacher in highschool took me out in to the hall during class to tell me my girlfriend was breaking up with me. Boy, was that awkward." — notedcosine


3. The Suicidal Gaslighter
"My boyfriend hadn't been answering his phone and had mentioned suicide to me following awful news that his good friend and mentor had died. Concerned, I went over to his place with some food. I'd brought him food earlier that week and he had seemed pretty messed up emotionally. When I got there he was on the balcony of his apartment with another girl nine or 10 years younger than him. He screamed down at me that I was crazy and a stalker. I said nothing and walked backward to my car in disbelief as he kept yelling at me. (He had asked verbatim if I would be his girlfriend/be exclusive, so it wasn't like this relationship was in my head.)" — Treeleafyellow

4. The Cheater
"He answered his phone immediately after we had finished having sex. While standing next to my bed still butt-naked, I heard him say, "You’re beautiful and you know I love you." He was talking to his girlfriend who was studying abroad in Ecuador. Apparently I was the other woman. This was three months into our relationship." — velvetmagnus

5. The "Rockstar"
"I dated a boy on AIM one night in middle school. Two hours in, he had a change of heart and dumped me by saying, 'you can't tie this rockstar down.'" — fish_sex

6. The Texter
"By text message via her friend." — dilsweed


7. The Oversharer
"Back in middle school I was dating a guy named Brian. We were all in the auditorium for an event when this girl Candice, who was sitting by Brian and talking with him (me being in a different class I had to sit elsewhere) suddenly yells out, "Hey Jess! Brian says he doesn't want to be your boyfriend anymore!"" — Jessoftheweirding

8. The Social Media Addict
"Over the phone. Literally every single time. A text, a call, and a Twitter DM." — Elleck

9. The Facebook Moron
"The good ol' log into Facebook and see them listed as 'Single'. I've also had someone try to let me down so incredibly easily that I wasn't sure if it was a proposal or not." — eldoctoro

10. The Nomad
"After a few days of him not answering my texts he sent me a Google hangout message that said (among other things), 'Long story short I'm in Iceland.' He had moved without bothering to tell me." — EightFooted