14 Things You Won't Get About Parenthood Until You've Lived It

Like why are "the 2's" SO TERRIBLE.

parenthood surprises

By Lisa Horten.

Regardless of how much advice you get from friends and family, how many books and blogs you read, and how ready you think you are, there's nothing that can truly prepare you for the emotional, physical, all-encompassing plunge that is parenthood. Some of it hits you immediately, and the rest reveals itself throughout the years.

It's the journey of a lifetime, so sit back (at least every now and then), and enjoy the ride!


1. The phrase "sleep like a baby" is the biggest oxymoron of all time. They may sleep frequently, but those 40-minute increments sure don't feel like the kind of sleep that you're accustomed to.

2. You will want to protect these little people more than anything else in the world. It's tough to explain, but it's true.

3. They'll get hurt all the time. Learning to navigate the world is no easy task, and it's not without its bumps and bruises.

4. Even really good kids can be really bad sometimes. Same goes for grown-ups, so cut them some slack.

5. Their personalities will surprise (and hopefully delight) you. You have absolutely no way of known what you're going to get.


6. You will feel a sense of pride that you've never felt before. It's impossible to explain to someone without kids.

7. It's impossible to reason with a toddler. You'll try. You'll fail. It's OK.

8. Their stuff will overtake your home. You can't stop the chaos. You can only attempt to control it.

9. Even when you're "on vacation", you're never really on vacation. Even if you're lucky enough to find someone to give you a break for a night (or a weekend, or a week... ), the ultimate responsibility is still on you, always.

10. No matter what you say, your relationship with your partner will change. But that's not always a bad thing.

11. Seeing the world through their eyes will become one of your favorite things about being a parent. Grown-ups can be so jaded!


12. Having a phone conversation will be more difficult than you ever imagined. Grab those moments when you can.

13. You have completely underestimated the importance of the word "nap time" for your entire life. Those minutes (and hopefully hours) are absolutely critical — for everyone involved.

14. The bond will be like nothing you've ever experienced before. It's not a cliche, it's the truth.