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Alpha Males Like It Hot, Confirms Science

hot sauce

Curious about his testosterone level? (I mean, it's the hormone associated with a high sex drive so why wouldn't you be?) Here's an easy way to find out tonight, thanks to our good ol' pal, Science.

See if he loves Sriracha—and just how much uses.

A French study, aptly named "Some Like It Hot" published in the journal Physiology and Behavior found a clear correlation between high hot sauce usage and men with levels of testosterone. They gave 114 men ages 18-44 a meal of mashed potatoes with spicy pepper sauce and salt. They were allowed to use as much hot sauce and salt as they wanted.

As a result, men with greater levels of the hormone (they could tell from saliva samples) drenched their food in the spicy stuff. Though this wasn't a huge surprise to researchers since testosterone has also been linked to taking risks, competition and dominance. It's possible that men with higher levels use spicier foods as a way to prove themselves. 

It's also a possibility that eating spicy food on a regular basis contributes to increasing testosterone levels.

According to the study authors, "A wide range of factors, including genetic, physiological, psychological and social forces, influence the liking and consumption of capsaicin-containing food." 

As for men with low testosterone levels? They've been associated with sluggishness or depressive mood. All the more reason to keep things hot.