5 Undeniable Signs You're Stuck In A One-Sided Relationship

If you're getting the short end of the stick, it's time to whack him with it.

chuck and blair

By Ashley Kaylor.

Every once in awhile, we find ourselves in a relationship that just doesn't seem to be working out, no matter how attentive, honest, or loving we are. This, my friends, is called a one-sided relationship.

Many people don't realize or accept that they're in one, therefore they spend far too much time giving without receiving.

By acknowledging the following signs, you'll be able to detect if, in fact, you're getting the "short end of the stick." If that's the case, whack him with it and keep it moving!


1. You're a "nuisance".

No matter what the issue is, how unhappy you two are, you always seem to be the one who initiates the conversation about it. He almost ALWAYS responds with an eye roll.

In other words, talking about this "apparent problem" you two may have is an inconvenience for him and a big waste of time.

Next time you want to initiate a "chat," start it off with a goodbye.

2. He's doing you a "big favor".

You find yourself nervous asking him to hang out with you, as if you're asking him for a "big favor." His unenthusiastic response proves that spending an intimate night out with you is more of a hassle than a pleasure.


So instead of being "the burden," do yourself the favor and peace out!

3. He's oblivious.

You've been working your tail off at work and finally got the promotion you've been pushing for, yet your happy moment isn't recognized. Why?

Because he didn't know you were up for one. Hell, he doesn't even know what you actually do for a living. His knowledge of you and your everyday life consists of your favorite cocktail and your address.

So instead of making him another task to conquer, tell him to find a new address to occupy... he seems to be good at that.

4. The exuse.

"Sorry I didn't call you back all weekend, I was out of town with my friends."

Ohhh, OK! Let me get this straight, your phone doesn't work in other zip codes or around your friends? Give me a break pal.


If your beau is giving you LAME excuses like this, tell him he's better off staying out of town... permanently.

5. You're his hangover cure.

You two have a Netflix account, rather than a Fandango account. You order in, rather than dine out and the only "friend" of his you've met is his roommate (which doesn't count).


All in all, your beau is essentially using you as his hangover cure. So next time you receive a "sweet" text saying, "Babe, let's just stay in tonight, I'm so tired." Politely respond that your bed and breakfast is booked... forever.

Good luck buddy and drink plenty of water!