7 Signs You're Ready To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

Are you ready to move up the relationship food chain?

next level

By Danielle Rufrano.

No judgement here. We know flings are fun, deliciously fantastic for the ego, and can even be a source of wicked entertainment between you and your girlfriends.

But sometimes that casual relationship evolves into something more than just pillow talk. However, it's not always clear when it's time to move up the relationship food chain. In that case, we've got the seven obvious signs it's time to take your relationship to the next level.


1. You've stopped wondering if someone better is out there. Let's face it, if you're like us, then you'll never be completely cured of the FOMO caused by missing out on the single life.

But, if you're with the right person there comes a time when you would rather hang with them than be with anyone else.

2. You stopped stalking your exes on Facebook. We all do it. Why? Well that's a loaded question with a myriad of answers.

All that matters is that you have lost interest, and instead of feeling nostalgic over past lovers, you're completely enjoying the one you're with now.

3. You are each other's support system. One sign that you're committed is when you act as each other's biggest supporters. If you and your partner cheer each other on in both your career and personal lives, then trading keys and sharing above-the-sink-cabinet-space isn't out of reach.


4. Getting Starbucks and sitting in your sweats is magical. The song "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by The Police was definitely written about a guy looking at a girl and thinking, I need to take this relationship up a notch.

Okay, maybe not, but the sentiment is there. You know you're serious when it doesn't have to be fancy dinners all the time, but hanging in your pajamas drinking your coffee of choice. Embrace the mundane!

5. It's easy to be you... the real you. It's safe to say that you're probably not 100% completely yourself on the first, second, or even third date. But when you're with someone you're serious about, you don't feel like you have to hide your flaws (like your allergy to exercise), or act a certain way (like ordering the food least likely to drip down your chin at dinner). You'll simply be able to be yourself- hot wing sauce around your mouth and all.

6. You've adopted a pet together. Chances are if you're living in NYC with your significant other, then you may wind up adopting a pet together.


A pet is not equivalent to a child by any means, but it is significant. It means you at least see yourselves being together for a significant period of time. Just know this: bonding with Barky isn't something casual couples do.

7. You learned the art of compromise. If you're willing to give something up in exchange for something your partner wants, and your partner is willing to do the same for you, then that is one big flashing sign that you need to take your relationship to the next level.