The Easiest Way To Heat Things Up? It's In A Customized Love Kit

couple kissing in bed

Always looking to explore even deeper into our sex life with each other, my husband and I recently decided to give Couples Chemistry a shot. Couples Chemistry is a pretty novel idea in that, instead of letting you just run wild in a sex store, pulling what looks interesting to you off the shelf, it actually chooses what would be best for you and your partner based on a very thorough questionnaire of 100 questions. Which might seem like a lot, but in actuality goes by fast, because it's about sex and sex is always a fun topic. But I'm getting ahead of myself, so let me backtrack.

I signed up for Couples Chemistry and immediately went for the questionnaire. Although I was excited to see what kind of kits they had, I realized first thing's first. The questions covered everything a questionnaire could possibly ask in regards to sex, covering from the very basics like kissing and cuddling, to anal, spanking, role-play, and, well, you name it.

After I completed the questions, I gave them my husband's email so he could be sent a link to answer the questionnaire, too. Normally, this is not his type of thing, but once I explained that the questionnaire was a necessary first step in us getting a personalized kit of sex toys and other goodies, he finally sat down to focus and complete it. Once he was done, we were both given a breakdown of where our interests overlapped and differed.

With Olivier, I feel like I've really hit the jackpot, as I've written before, so there weren't too many surprises in the results. We're definitely on the same page in our sex drive, interests, and kink, but it was sort of nice to have that confirmation after a quiz. I guess I say that, because I feel like that means I scored highly, and as a Type-A personality, that's the stuff that makes my day. But what came next made my day even more—the customized Love Kit, which took just a couple days to show up at our door. And man, oh man, did it feel like Christmas when it did.

The box was a treasure trove of awesomeness. For our interest in role-play, we got these, well, honestly, somewhat creepy masks, that we totally love and can't stop scaring each other with, along with a stethoscope that we've actually used as it's meant for playing doctor. To feed our desire for domination, the kit also contained a rubber whip and blindfold.

Because my husband is hell bent on exploring my butt, we got a "beginner's butt plug," which is still packaged and may remain that way for I don't know how long. The kit also included a vibrator, a vibrating cockring, nipple stickers, lubes, condoms, a guide about making fantasies real, erotic movies, music, games, and some amazing smelling incense to set the mood. It also was loaded up with tips on how to really make the most of our sex life, and I really loved this final special touch, a vintage 1971 Playboy magazine. It's awesome.

Because there are only so many hours in the day, we haven't had a chance to play with everything just yet, but we're well on our way there. As someone who writes about sex, I do get my fair share of sex toys sent to me from PR companies, and while I appreciate them for what they are and they do serve a purpose, they've never really fit my specific desires and me. Couples Chemistry's Love Kit, however, having been personalized to a T for Olivier and I, is exactly the collection of sex toys for which we could possibly ask.

So, the big question: Would I recommend Couples Chemistry to a friend? Yes.

I realize that, for some, it can seem daunting to be so open in answering some of the questions in the questionnaire, but if you can't be honest about your sexual needs and wants, then you're really not having the best possible sex life you can. I also realize that maybe the price (it's $129.99) may seem a little steep, but considering what's inside and the fact that it's been put together specifically for you and your partner, it's more than worth it. Think about what you spent on your last vibrator—now think about everything that could possibly be in your own personalized Love Kit. It's basically a no-lose situation.

But, the toys aside, what Couples Chemistry really does is it gets the conversation started about what's going on (or not going on) in your sex life.

It helps you lose your inhibitions and really explore new sensations and sexual scenarios that had only been a fantasy before—this is a very important thing. By now, I think we all know that the most essential component to a happy and healthy sex life is communication, and that's exactly what Couples Chemistry does, with both seriousness and some humor thrown in for fun.

It's a great mix of inspiration and toys to get you and your partner one step closer to that rare group of people in the world who declare themselves completely sexually fulfilled. And, yes, that's a good place to be.