This Just In: What's Happening To 40% Of People In Bed

Love hurts sometimes, you guys.

bed laughter

To say that love can hurt like hell would not be an exaggeration. From the beginning to the end, it definitely takes a toll and can do some major damage… and I'm not just talking about the effect it can have on your heart. No, love, or rather sex more specifically, can really bang you up if you're not careful.

The online dating site Meetville dug into the sex lives of their members to see exactly who's getting hurt, how often and where, during the sexy times. Coming in at the top of the list for places where people get hurt the most during sex is on the couch, followed by the stairs, and in the car. I would think banging on the stairs would be uncomfortable, but probably not as uncomfortable as the toilet, which is actually on the list at the very bottom of the top ten.


When it came to items broken the most often, bed frames and wine glasses came in at number one and number two, respectively, and the average cost of damage during a romp came in at an average of $246. However, only 40 percent of people admitted to breaking something in their home while mid-getting it on, which seems rather low, doesn't it?

The biggest problem with sex injuries is that you don't feel them until after the fact. As health and fitness expert, Dr. Kevin Jardine, explains, "During sex, endorphins are running high. Endorphins are the body's natural version of morphine, known as 'feel good' hormones. If you are in an awkward position during sex, you might not feel the discomfort because of the endorphins floating around your body, which tend to blunt the perception of pain." Ugh. Because of this, 40 percent of injuries aren't realized until the next morning, and 5 percent of injuries result in sick days home from the office.


While wanting to get a bit creative in where and how you have sex with your partner is totally natural, it's important to weigh the possible results of acting out any particular sex fantasy location. Like, can anyone seriously do it on their kitchen table without breaking something? Or in the back of a car without getting some sort of horrifyingly painful Charlie horse? Probably not.

The key to getting freaky when you're getting, well, freaky is taking precautions. Just because it looks hot in a movie or totally feasible in porn, doesn't mean it will work in the real life. And no one wants to be that person who, at the ER with a broken arm, has to tell the doctors they hurt themselves by trying to have sex someplace they shouldn't have. That's such a rookie mistake.