This Is Why I'm Not Having Any More Babies

siblings sleeping

When I was a starry-eyed tween dreaming of the man I was going to marry who may or may not have looked a lot like Johnny Depp, I envisioned a life of love, laughter, and children — lots of children. Raised in a large family, I loved the idea of having four or more kids with all the ensuing chaos and craziness.

My first hint that perhaps a half dozen children were not in my future was the adult realization of how expensive having children is combined with what I wanted to provide the ones I had. The second, though, was when I married a little later than I'd anticipated and didn't get pregnant until I was 30. Doing the math, and allowing for a couple years between children, I realized I'd have to scale back a bit. There just wasn't enough time to have six children and an early retirement.

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This article was originally published at Momtastic. Reprinted with permission from the author.