The Best Way To Get Your Kids To Stop Being Worrywarts [VIDEO]

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How to show them that some things just aren't worth being stressed out over!

As parents, seeing that our kids are almost always anxious about something can be heartbreaking. No one wants their children to feel like they have to worry about everything and carry the weight of the world on their shoulders alone. What makes it even worse is that sometimes, they're too embarrassed or afraid to confide in us. When it comes to parenting, there's no question that this only succeeds in making us worry about our kids even more.

Parenting expert Renee Jain's advice on the steps you should take when dealing with your children's anxiety is completely spot on. Having a child who is anxious all of the time can be really hard because of the fact that their anxiety has a ripple effect that spreads throughout the entire family. That's why it is SO important that we establish a sense of trust between us and our kids. One of the major keys to helping them cope is to teach them how to breathe. Hear us out. Even though this may sound strange (considering hey've been breathing since birth), showing them how to breathe the right way will help them stay calm and relaxed, and will bring them back to a place where they can listen to logic. Not only will they be more relaxed, they'll be better prepared to deal with any anxiety issues in the future.