31 Totally Normal Things Parents Should NEVER Apologize For


by Leah Rocketto

You don't owe anyone an apology if you board a plane with kids in tow. But as parents, it often feels like we're constantly saying we're sorry: to kids, other parents, complete strangers. And while an apology is sometimes necessary, most of the time it isn't — no matter how hard someone tries to guilt you into one. So next time someone gives you a dirty look, just shout a simple, "sorry, I'm not sorry."

Having a baby who cries in public. News flash: babies cry. People need to get used to it.

2. Breastfeeding Your Baby (Especially in Public). Babies have to eat, and they don't care who sees it.

Bottle-Feeding Your Baby. Not every woman is capable of breastfeeding, and that's A-OK.

4. Letting Boys Be Boys, and Girls Be Girls. As long as your child knows they can be anything they want to be, it's OK for them to stick to the gender norms.

5. Disciplining Your Kids. Without time-outs, kids would get away with everything.

6. Needing an Extra Cup of Coffee. Anyone who's ever been a parent knows it's exhausting. So drink all the caffeine you need!

Getting Annoyed With Your Children. They aren't always angels.

8. Having a Child With Food Allergies. They can't control how their body reacts to certain things.

9. Telling Little White Lies. Your child doesn't need to know where babies come from. At least, not yet.

10. Skipping the Gym. Chasing after children totally counts as a workout.

11. Taking Time For Yourself. Because happy parents lead to happy kids.

Taking the Kids to a Restaurant. Hiding your kids in the house won't improve their dining etiquette.

13. Hiring Some Extra Help. Every superhero has a helpful sidekick, and you should too!

14. Letting Kids Play on Your iPad. Especially if that little bit of screen time lets you get some housework done.

15. Letting Kids Eat Sugar. An occasional treat isn't going to harm their health.

16. Saying "No". Otherwise, we would have some pretty spoiled kids.

Staying at Home. Not every person needs an office job to feel fulfilled.

18. Having a Job. Whether it's out of financial necessity or because you enjoy office life, there's no shame in being a working parent.

19. Skipping That Third Bedtime Story. Because no parent wants to fumble their way through another Dr. Seuss book.

Keeping Kids Off Social Media. The age restrictions exist for a reason.

21. Bursting Into Tears. Sometimes the stress of parenting gets to be too much, and you just have to let it out.

22. Bribing Your Child With Candy. Because some nights you don't want to get into fights over two bites of broccoli.

23. Throwing Your Kid a Low-Key Birthday Bash. It's great if you can afford a lavish party, but if not, a simple sheet cake and game of musical chairs is just as fun.

Ordering Takeout For Dinner. It's better than letting the kids starve, right?

25. Feeling Frazzled 99 Percent of the Time. With everything parents deal with, it's hard to keep it together all the time.

26. Embarrassing Your Child. After all, it's part of your job.

Traveling With Kids. Why leave the kids at home when you can all have fun together?

28. Taking a Trip Without the Kids. Every couple needs a little alone time.

29. Declining Invitations. You lead a busy life. Don't waste precious time at a party you couldn't care less about.

Being Overly Protective. As the saying goes, better to be safe than sorry.

31. Hugging Your Child Too Tight. Or kissing them too often. Or saying, "I love you" too much.

This article was originally published at PopSugar Moms. Reprinted with permission from the author.