What Breast Cancer Taught Me About Being A Mother

mom & daughter hugging

The day I learned I had breast cancer started off like any other crazy Friday. It was my one "day off" from an intense and demanding technology job for a top investment bank to be full-time mom to my three young children — Allison, 8; Madeleine 7; and Cole, 3. I had just arrived at a special pottery event for my daughter's kindergarten friends when a nurse from my doctor’s office called. The doctor didn't like the results from my routine mammogram performed two weeks ago and wanted me to come back and have another mammogram, as well as a breast ultrasound….that day. My stomach sank in fear. 

A few hours later, I sat in the doctor's office completely avoiding the issue by answering work e-mail. Then the radiologist walked in and stunned me with those three words no one ever wants to hear "You have cancer." My husband didn’t even know I was at the doctor’s office, never mind that I could have cancer.

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This article was originally published at Momtastic. Reprinted with permission from the author.