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Olympic Sex Scandal: See Tom Daley Naked!

Sophie Lee posted a photo of Tom Daley naked in the shower

Turns out Dustin Lance Black isn't the only person who gets to see Tom Daley naked!

The Olympic diver was caught with his pants down — on camera — and now the whole world knows what he's working with.

The photo was posted by Daley's best friend, Sophie Lee, on Instagram with the apt caption, "@tomdaley1994 in the shower." Lee confirmed the sexy photo's authenticity, but so can anyone with eyes: Those muscles, that Speedo tan line and that build are all distinctly Daley! And the steam in the shower that slightly obscures the shot? It only makes it a little more steamy to leave stuff to the imagination.

Lee deleted the photo shortly after it was posted (and probably shortly after Daley dried off), but girl, screenshots are forever — something Daley's love Black knows all too well. One quick search for "Dustin Lance Black NSFW" will garner you all sorts of shots and screencaps that are way too smutty to publish here.

Daley hasn't commented on the shot of his tan-lined, taut tush, and he probably won't. But he shouldn't be embarrassed, because, well, look at him! Day-um!