What Katy Perry Learned About Love After Going To Therapy

Going through a breakup can be really hard for anyone, let alone a celebrity. For someone as famous as Katy Perry (who has gone through not one, but three major splits in public), it must seem like the whole world takes pleasure in commenting on your relationship and speculating on why it ended. While dealing with her more recent breakups to both singer and songwriter John Mayer and actor Russell Brand, she also had to deal with people in her business. There's no question that all of this pressure could push anyone to their breaking point. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar magazine, Perry revealed that she turned to therapy to help her move on.

In said interview, Perry talked about learning about herself after her failed romances; she realized that in both of her relationships, she tried to mother the two men. Perry has called both Mayer and Brand broken birds in the past and mentioned how she was drawn to men with troubles in their past (which may explain her controversial split with singer and rapper Travic McCoy who struggled with drug addiction). Therapy taught her that in order to help others, she needed to help herself first. She couldn't really love them unless she loved herself fully. Even though this may seem like common knowledge, it really isn't. When you have the whole word watching your every move as if you're living in a zoo, putting yourself first can be really hard to do.