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Sorry Ladies, Disney Princes Aren't THAT Charming IRL

Well, in case you needed more proof that Disney ruined our expectations on love, Buzzfeed's hilarious parody shuts down our fantasies of what dating our favorite swoon-worthy princes would be like. I have no shame in admitting that most of my childhood was spent gushing over my animated crushes. Don't even get me started on Aladdin's luscious black hair - I can't be the only one who couldn't resist his clever (more like completely dishonest) personality and boyish charm!

But let's be real. If you actually think about it, half of the Disney princes were actually kind of...creepy. In fact, if they were on tinder, I'd probably swipe left so fast I'd get carpal tunnel. Prince Adam and his need to be in complete control? Yeah, that's actually not attractive — like at all.

If I'm being honest with myself, being stalked by a guy who wants to marry you after one conversation and dance doesn't really sound that charming either (I'm looking at you, Mr. Charming). Even though it sounds great in theory, dating one of these guys would be a total disaster. I don't know about you but I'd definitely be running for the hills. If you're still not convinced, I'll let Buzzfeed's video do the talking. From the looks of it, these royal fellas will not be sweeping you off of your feet anytime soon.