Have Mercy! Find Out Who Your 90s Sweetheart Is

Photo: IMDB, Weheartit
90s tv boyfriend quiz art

One of the perks of being a 90s kid is getting the chance to reminisce (and drool) over all of the swoon-worthy guys that graced our screens. From Cory Matthew's romantic one liners to Zack Morris' wacky sense of humor, staying inside just to catch a glimpse of our teen idols pretty much became a weekend ritual. Seriously, we couldn't have been the only ones who thought that walls only existed so we could plaster posters of our imaginary boyfriend of the day all over them (okay, maybe we were but who cares when you have Shawn Hunter to look at?).

But forget daydreaming about your imaginary hunks; take this quiz to find out who your 90s TV boyfriend is!



After growing up with hilarious sitcoms such as Family Matters, Saved By The Bell, and Boy Meets World, TV today just doesn't compare to the classics. Do you remember the good old days when Cory and Topanga were the original 'It' TV couple or when you couldn't decide between the geeky but lovable Steve Urkel and totally dreamy Stefan Urquelle? We swear that kicking it old school never looked this good. Well, if you're a true 90s kid, this is definitely the ultimate throwback. Who wouldn't want a love story for the ages?