Will They Last? Jay Z & Beyonce's Marriage By The Numbers

Celebrity Numerologist Glynis McCants breaks down our favorite power couple's marriage.

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Before I share my Numerology insights about this couple, let me briefly explain what Numerology is, and how it works. Numerology is a science of Numbers, and it is over 2500 years old. Pythagoras was the creator of the system that I use, and it is based on the belief that everything in the universe has a vibration. This is especially true when it comes to people.

When I use this system, I get three Numbers from the name and three Numbers from the Birth Date. These six numbers give me the Numerology blueprint of who a person is. When I have the Charts of two people, I am able to do a chart comparison.


Full Birth Name :

Shawn Corey Carter Destiny Number: 7

Jay Z Carter: 7 3 1 4 5*/7 Attitude


Full Birth Name:

Beyonce Gisele Knowles Destiny Number: 3

Beyonce Knowles: 9 6 6 4 5*/4 Attitude


*Denotes the Life Path Number

Lately, there has been so much speculation about the state of Jay-Z and Beyonce's marriage. Ever since the infamous "elevator incident" that happened between Solange, Jay-Z, and Beyonce on May 5th 2014, people seem to be counting down to the end of this marriage.

When Jay Z and Beyonce first got married in 2008, I received calls from People and US Magazine asking me about them as a couple, and was there anything special about the date they had picked which was April 4th? They also asked about the significance of them tattooing the number IV(4) on their ring fingers.


Well one of the strongest qualities of the Number 4 in Numerology is a strong desire for commitment. Beyonce and Jay Z are both born on a 4 day so they would share this trait, and by tattooing the Number IV (4) on their ring fingers, it was as if they were making a statement to each other that they were really committed to this relationship.

However, they are also both 5 Life Paths. The 5 Life Path is the Number that is hesitant to settle down. They often look at the opposite sex as a buffet of options. They will not settle down unless they are absolutely certain they have found the right partner- If you recall, they did date for six years before getting married.

The 4 and the 5 Vibrations are a challenge to each other in Numerology, and when that is a person's birth numbers, it means what you see is not always what you get. So no matter what, this marriage was going to take some work to keep it healthy.

The three Name Numbers that come from the name Beyonce Knowles, are 9/ 6/ 6. The 6 is a nurturing Vibration and often desires becoming a parent. This explains why Beyonce, although a very independent woman, would also feel called to have children. It is interesting to note that Angelina Jolie, and Julia Roberts also have the 9/ 6/ 6 as their Name Numbers. This number pattern tells us that all three of these very independent, successful women would not have felt complete had they not had children.


When I broke down Beyonce's Birth Certificate name Beyonce Gisele Knowles, I found that she has a 3 Destiny Number. The 3 Vibration is all about communication and creative expression. And as we all have witnessed, Beyonce is very good at both.

In the case of Jay-Z, when you break down his full Birth Certificate Name Shawn Corey Carter, he has a 7 Destiny Number. The 7 Vibration always has some mystery and really needs their privacy  you will not always know what is up with a person with a 7 Destiny Number, even if you are their partner.

The 3 and the 7 Vibrations are also a Challenge to each other in Numerology, and that again tells me that they must make an effort at keeping their communication clear and open with one another.

This year Jay Z is in a Personal Year Cycle of 5 which can be a year of drama (the elevator incident is a perfect example). Beyonce is in a Personal Year of 2, which is all about dealing with emotions and deciding what really matters most in life. The fact that these two Personal Year Cycles are toxic in Numerology may very well be a big part of the problem they are experiencing this year.


When you are in a Personal Year of 5, life can feel out of your control. Things will not go quite as planned. Well clearly this was true the night Solange was beating the heck out of Jay Z in the elevator! He has always been able to keep his private life private, and when that tape came out, it was a clear example of something that could happen in a Personal Year of 5.

If they can weather this present storm in their marriage, then next year Jay Z will go into a Personal Year of 6 and Beyonce will be enter a Personal Year of 3, which will be so much better for them as a couple. The 3 and the 6 Vibrations are very compatible and will help them tremendously. If they do make it, I will not be surprised if they have another child, because in the Personal Year cycle of 6 (the cycle Jay Z will be in) , it is all about focusing on family. And one thing is for certain, they both love their little girl Blue Ivy.

In the entertainment world, celebrity couples breaking up is practically a daily occurrence, but fighting for your marriage is a whole other story. I really believe this marriage is worth saving, because judging by their Numerology chart comparison, they have so much going for them.

When you are born on the same day Number (in their case the 4) and share the same Life Path Number (in their case the 5), it gives you a very special connection. Through the years, watching them as a couple, their love has always felt palpable.


As far as power couples go, they are at the very top. Vogue UK reported in April that their combined net worth is now over a Billion dollars. Forbes Magazine named them the highest earning celebrity couple last year. So this union has actually been very fruitful for the two of them.

If the marriage does not survive this year, they will both live to regret it — especially Jay Z. If the rumors are true and he was unfaithful, he needs to wake up and smell the burning toast! He will NEVER do better than Beyonce.

As for Beyonce, no matter what happens, she is innocent in this, and the world is her oyster.

Stay tuned...