10 Things Every New Mom Must Know About Breastfeeding


Before you were pregnant, you probably hadn’t heard that your legs would get hairier or your nipples would darken as your baby grew inside of you, but you learned these and other quirky details while venturing through the trimesters.Now you might be wondering what nursing-related secrets lie ahead. After all, you can learn the fundamentals in a Breastfeeding 101 course, but you simply can’t comprehend everything you’ll experience until you’re actually nourishing your newborn. Read on.

1. You'll Care What People Think
Yes, you'll probably care what a lot of people think. Not everyone, of course, but it’s crucial to have the support of your partner. Research shows that women are less likely to breastfeed if their partners are unsupportive. If your partner opposes the idea, persuade him now for better success.

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This article was originally published at FitPregnancy. Reprinted with permission from the author.