Am I A Loser Because Nobody Ice Bucket Challenged Me?

It feels like prom all over again, only this time prom is a lawn chair in my backyard.

ice bucket challenge

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that over the last few weeks people all over the world have been participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money and awareness for ALS. It's been wildly successful, both in raising money and in drenching participants. The challenge begins when a friend nominates you to either have a cold bucket of water dumped on your head, or donate $100 to the ALS Association. People have been nominating their friends with each pour, which has made the challenge go viral. Ice companies are probably LOVING this promotion for the increase in ice sales, as are water companies for increased water bills. Who is not, however, loving the Ice Bucket Challenge? ME.


Why? Because nobody challenged me. Not one single person. I've been sitting at home next to my phone and computer waiting for the call to action to fill that bucket o' mine, yet I've received no texts, no videos, no emails, and no Facebook posts. Does no one think I'm worthy of the challenge? Bueller? BUELLER? I'd feel less bad if it hadn't taken such a viral turn; I mean everyone is participating: Kids, grandparents, George W. Bush. Am I not even as cool as George W. Bush? (Not literally, of course, since I've yet to pour water over my head BECAUSE NOBODY HAS ASKED ME TO.)

Am I overreacting about not being selected? Maybe. Do I actually *want* a bucket of ice water thrown on my head by my husband? Well, no. I don't even like getting in the swimming pool unless the water is a comfortable 82 degrees. And yet I can't help but be a wee bit disappointed that I haven't been asked. It feels like Prom all over again, only this time Prom is a lawn chair in my backyard. Is not being challenged for the ice bucket challenge akin to not being asked to sit at the cool kids' table at lunch? If so, don't mind me eating my beef stroganoff hot lunch in the bathroom stall. Not to mention, the Challenge is starting to wind down so if I am indeed propositioned today or tomorrow, it feels like like a pity-invite, like I was picked because all the good hitters were already taken for the softball game.


Alas. Don't think you can challenge me to the Ice Bucket Challenge now! Your time has passed, people. And pay no mind to the unfilled, sad puppy-dog-eyed bucket on my lawn. We didn't want to be part of your stupid challenge, anyway.