Sleeping With Someone New? 5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence ASAP

jumping on bed

Nothing makes you zero in on your body's imperfections quite like the thought of stripping down in front of your new flame for the first time. Want to feel better in your skin?

Try these tips from dating site and YourTango Expert Laurel House before you do the deed with your new man.

1. Get Off Facebook
Studies show that Facebook and other social media can negatively impact your self-esteem and body image. Take the day to unplug, and spend some real face time with someone who always makes you feel good about yourself — like a friend or your favorite co-worker.

2. Dance Naked
It might sound silly, but moving your body in a sensual way, totally naked, will make you feel more beautiful and feminine throughout the day, which, according to an Ohio State University study, is key for finding body confidence. Psychology Today even recommends dancing naked to boost body acceptance. So strip down, turn on some girl empowering music, and get down with your bad self!

3. Work Out Right Before Your Date
Women who workout immediately feel more confident, beautiful and sexy afterwards — even before the extra pounds start coming off. If you're having a hard time facing and accepting your self-perceived flaws, working out right before your date will give you an immediate self-esteem boost. It will also relieve stress, taking away the problems of the day and allowing you to focus on your man and the task at hand. Plus, all those extra endorphins can get you in an even sexier mood.

4. Feng Shui Your Underwear Drawer
You know that old song, "Lady in Red?" Girlfriend knew exactly what she was doing. Red is a powerful Feng Shui color, thought to enhance feelings of love and romance. Wearing red bras and panties can make you more confident, and give a sense of power, which will serve you well when you're about to hop in the sack.

5. Up Your Potassium Intake
Potassium eliminates the extra water weight that your body holds onto, which causes inflammation and can make you appear puffy (which is the last thing you need to be dealing with on your big night). Add more potassium to your diet the week before your date (bananas and dark leafy greens are excellent sources). Starting each morning with a shot of apple cider vinegar will also help rev up your metabolism and burn fat.