Here's Why The Couple That Vacations Together, Stays Together

couple on a happy vacation

Did you know that 75 percent of people don't use up all of their vacation days? How sick is that? Not only are you missing out on a break from work and a proven health and happiness boost, but according several studies, you're also skipping an easy (and fun!) opportunity to strengthen your relationship.

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Thankfully, our friends at Happify put together an awesome infographic detailing how to maximize your vacation happiness, according to science. Whether you take an 8-day trip or a romantic weekend getaway with your partner, no more excuses, you two. Get out of town.

Here are three proven reasons you need to pack your bags and get the hell out of here:

1. You'll Increase Romance
Whether you're in a rut or doing just fine, who doesn't want a boost? In fact, 63 percent of people said a vacation or weekend getaway sparked romance in their relationship.

2. You'll Communicate Better
Not only will you be spending quality time together when you travel but you'll be making important decisions about money and have the time to solve problems as a team.

3. You'll Reduce The Possibility Of Divorce
That weekend getaway could be what's divorce-proofing your relationship. Couples who travel together feel close to one another and handle their differences well.

Infographic by Happify