Selena Gomez Needs More Than A Tattoo To Love Herself First

Selena Gomez got a tattoo to remind herself to love herself first. Here's how she can do just that.

Selena Gomez blowing a kiss in the movie "Behaving Badly"

Because she just can't seem to quit Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez got a new tattoo in Arabic telling her to "love herself first." It's a pretty piece, but it should ultimately be an unnecessary message. Gomez is beautiful, loaded and has any and all resources to improve her own life at her fingertips, yet turns them all down in favor of her complicated entanglements with this generation's Vanilla Ice.


Though she probably won't listen — when has she before? — here are some ways Selena Gomez can put her money where her ink is.

1. Stop. Communicating. With. Justin. Bieber.
Listen, it's impossible to get over someone you still talk to constantly, let alone allegedly have sex with. Cut the cord for good. Change your number is you have to. Do you really think he's thinking about you when he's having sex with hookers and 17-year-old Instagram models? Really? This is a man who can't drink legally in the United States, struggles to grow facial hair and thinks bucket hats are a good idea. Look at your life. Look at your choices.


2. Apologize to your friends.
People who have stuck by you through thick and thin will still eventually get tired of hearing about the same repetitive, idiotic drama that Justin Bieber brings to your life. You know it's a bad situation when Demi Lovato, who's dating notorious lothario and super-creep Wilmer Valderrama, and Taylor Swift, who can't keep her own man for more than 15 minutes (when she isn't dating boys in high school, that is) are both fed up with your nonsense. Because in normal circumstances, these women would have no room to talk.

3. Stop talking smack about Miley Cyrus.
You guys are probably sharing a similar struggle. Instead of insinuating how much classier you are than she is, why not reach out instead? It's not like Nick Jonas is relevant anymore.

4. Go back to rehab.
Even if you felt "empowered" after checking out for two weeks, it clearly didn't stick. God only knows if you're addicted to booze, drugs or Bieberconda, that's your own business — but there's clearly something not right that needs to be corrected, and you're clearly not able to go at it alone. Getting help isn't shameful, it's something to be celebrated.


5. Get back to work.
You dropped out of a world tour to collect yourself and ended up reuniting with Justin Bieber. Go back to work, be it in movies or music that you mistakenly call "tribal" because you're confused about what cultures you make a habit of appropriating. On that note, maybe even go back to school. Just throw yourself into something and it'll help keep your head clear of your ex. And if you do feel tempted to text him, text Taylor or Demi instead so they'll tell you, "Baby, baby, no."