Hey, Feminists! Here's Why We Should Bow Down To Our Husbands

What Princeton Mom Susan Patton Finally Got Right About Marriage

Susan Patton is at it again. We first heard of her when she wrote her article in The Daily Princetonian telling girls that they need to prioritize finding a husband during college. Her main message then was to find em' while they're still young and available!

Now, she's aiming her message at those women who are lucky enough to have snagged a man willing to put a ring on it. According to her, women today have lost the art of appreciating their husbands and she blames it on antagonizing feminists who have "over corrected" for inequality to the point that they have lost all respect for their husbands. Naturally, she went on "Fox And Friends" to discuss this because where else does one go to discuss topics that upset pretty much everyone? 

Here's the thing: even though I think Susan Patton is a media hungry nut who wants airtime so desperately she will say almost anything to create outrage, I actually agree with her on this. While I think it's ridiculous to go husband hunting in college (a time when I think men and women should be banging as many people as they feel like banging), I do agree that once you're married, you should respect and appreciate your husband. You should treat him like he's the best thing since the premiere of "Breaking Bad." You should smile at him and be pleasant to be around. You should apply rouge when you go out and pay attention to him and his needs. You should do that because (hopefully) you love him. And don't you want him to do the same for you? (Except the rouge part, unless you're into that sort of thing).

Not that this is easy to do; I have always found it hard and confusing to be both a feminist and happily married. Why? Because in a good marriage, where both parties are equally happy, no one is keeping score. Feminists emphasize equality of roles, but in a real life marriage, this isn't always realistic. Sometimes, you're going to be doing more of the housework. Sometimes, you're going to have to back down and be less equal. And sometimes, he will have to do the same. But going into marriage with what Patton calls the “entitled princess” chip on your shoulder will only get you through one door: your divorce attorney’s.

If you want to stay independent and never compromise about what you want, stay single. There’s nothing wrong with that. But marriage is about teamwork and not about being a soloist. In a marriage, both parties deserve to be appreciated and acknowledged. I just hope Susan Patton shares the same advice with men and teaches them the same lessons she is trying to teach women. Because a man who cares more about his career than his wife's needs isn’t going to have a happy marriage either.

So ladies, here's my advice to you: DO try to keep your husbands happy. DO be nice. DO try to be the best wife you can be. DO care about your husband's needs. Because if you don't then he sure isn't going to care about yours either.