The 14 Awkward Stages Of Oral Sex We'll NEVER Get Used To

Photo: WeHeartIt

Let’s be frank. Oral sex is a lot of fun (mainly for the person on the receiving end), but it is also supremely awkward. We know this, and we decided to break that awkwardness down into stages. You're welcome. 

Starting the night by getting this across the bar:

Getting home and then not being sure if you two are actually gonna do this thing.

Hearing this, and knowing you're in for a long night:

Trying to seduce them as foreplay.

And getting this in return:

Finding something … interesting when they take their clothes off.

Having to hunt for a condom because your roommate was all:

Wondering if you can check your texts mid-act (and totally getting caught).

Being too tired to put in serious effort.

Getting directions with military precision, when they are lucky you're doing this at all.

Guys not giving the heads up when they are about to orgasm.

Looking up and catching their crazy O-face.

The premature 'I love you' immediately following the crazy o-face that you know popped out by accident.

Them not returning the favor after you go down.