6 Things You Never Knew About 'Beauty And The Beast'

Beauty and the Beast

Brush up on some lesser-known details about this timeless tale of romance.

The love story of the beautiful Belle and the rough and gruff Beast — a prince who was transformed into such due to his arrogant nature — from Beauty and the Beast is a classic tale and one that still resonates. The main reason this Disney romance hits home and leaves a mark? That's quite simple. It's very much like real life love, with all its flaws and imperfections. At the base level, the story highlights the struggles that anyone who loves must go through.

It also reminds us that we do ourselves (and others) a disservice if we don't put in the necessary work and effort to get past the surface to truly understand, know and love someone at their core — flaws and all, like Beyonce says. It illustrates the notion of working to earn someone's trust and love. It also shows us that we can become better people, thanks to the love of a good man or a good woman. Remember, the prince would remain a beast for all of eternity if he did not work to earn Belle's love so he could be restored to his more handsome and much improved self.

We know — it's deep stuff but most animated and classic tales reach marrow with their meaning. Let's stop philosophizing ... stat!

The story and the 1991 film are beloved by Disney fans of all ages. What's that Celine Dion sings? "Certain as the sun / Rising in the east / Tale as old as time / Song as old as rhyme / Beauty and the beast."

Seriously, like who can't relate to such a notion? It's why the film takes up residence near and dear to our blackened hearts so we're serving up six fast facts about the film that aren't exactly common knowledge.

Katharine Hepburn portrayed Jo March in the 1933 version of Little Women. Her work inspired the character of Belle in this Disney story. It is also said that Belle's physical appearance was also modeled after Judy Garland. Belle x Jo x Dorothy, y'all.


Belle wears blue and she is the only character in her village to do so. Her color choice alows her stand out and proves that she is not like everyone else. Well, duh! Of course she isn't.


The Beast is hardly the sum of his parts. He was designed with the mane of a lion, the beard and head of a buffalo, the brow of a gorilla, the eyes of a human, the tusks of a wild boar, the body of a bear and the legs and tail of a wolf. He is a true chimera and we, like Belle, adore him.


The story was initially deemed too difficult to adapt by writers, forcing Walt Disney to abandon plans to develop it into an animated film in the 1930s and 1950s.


The character of Chip, the teacup, was intended to be a music box. But the role was expanded and given more lines to speak in the 1991 adaptation.


The film was released in November 1991 and to date has raked in $425 million in box office receipts. #Success.