ID, Please: What Guys Really Think ... Of Your Name

See which women's names are cute, the ones they won't date again ... and who gives good hand jobs.

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Not so long ago, BuzzFeed shared the insights from their largest unscientific survey that revealed which names peaked at the top of the Undateable List – and what women’s names reveal about them. Their research found that Brenda’s age much faster than the rest of the general population and all Karen really wants to do is shoot the sh*t about life at the office.

We decided to ask the guys near and dear to us what a woman's name really reveals about her — and which names are immediate turns off. Much like the BuzzFeed survey, uh, sorry Tara.


Dealbreaker Names
Kyle, 29, says that, for him, it's all about history. "My ex's name is Jaclyn and she was f*cking crazy. So long as I live, I will never, ever date another Jaclyn, no matter how it's spelled."

And Mark, 31, agrees: "I'm not really into girls that have the same name as someone that I've been with before. My first girlfriend that I was really serious about, her name was Maggie and she was the best. A few years later, after we'd broken up and we were both all stitched up, I met this really sweet girl named Margaret. I just couldn't give her a fair chance, knowing she'd never be Maggie. It's weird, and I felt awful breaking up with her for a dumb reason, but it's how I felt."


But Shane, 26, says that there are just some names that don't work for him. "Have you ever met a Tara that you liked? I mean, really liked? The only Taras I know are stuck up, into themselves and pretty crappy. So I don't think I'd ever date a girl that had that name. Call me judgmental, whatever, but it's true."

Greg, 24, admits that for him, it's the name Monica. "The first girl to ever break my heart was named Monica and we were 17 at the time. I know it sounds so childish, and it is, but I probably will never date a girl named Monica again. It'd be like the ghost of a former relationship hanging over my head."

For Jimmy, 27, it's Nicole. "There's no reason other than the fact that I just really hate that name. Nic, Nicole, Nikki — I don't even like the nicknames."

"I can't stand the name Stephanie," Jackson, 26 says. "It's just so old and stiff and boring. I'm just not into it."


Deal-Maker Names
"I met a girl named Savannah once," says Lucas, 28, "and I was so into her name. It reminded me of something sweet and gentle. It was cute."

Josiah, 34, says that names don't really matter to him. "I've honestly never stopped to think about it until you meet a girl with a really bad name. Then it’s like, okay, your name sucks; can we change it? But if I had to pick a favorite name, I'd probably go with Ava. Sounds so old lady-ish but it is my favorite."

Zack, 24, reveals that he loves girls with really unique names. "Your name is who you are, you know? And I have a pretty common first name so I love meeting girls with really different names. I dated a girl named Penelope once and it was just really cool to show up and introduce her to people. You never realize how much your name reveals about who you are."

"J names are good. I don't know why. I don't make the rules, I just play by them. Jordannas are always foxes— reminds me of hand jobs and summer camp," Andrew, 27.


Dateable Names
"I love the name Megan," Trevor, 23, says. "I know it's probably the most common name ever, but it's really simple and sweet and it’s just comforting whenever I hear it. Plus, when have you ever met a sucky Megan?"

Bry, 28, says that he likes girls with boyish names. "You know, Jo, Ryan, Casey, Max — names like that. It's not that I’m into guys or anything, but I just really like when girls have unusual names. For one, it's a good conversation starter and secondly, I'm just into them."

Sam, 31, says that for him, it's any girl with a nickname. "I just love calling people by their nicknames," he says. "It's like you know them in this special way and now you can call them that. It's like a little inside joke between the two of you."


What do you think of women's names? Tell us in the comments below.