7 Reasons Why Women are True Lover of Handbags


There are several reasons why women love handbags so much. Few are listed here

That handbags are used as a style statement is a well known fact, but a recent survey by the University of Minnesota seems to have taken the importance of handbags to a whole new level. If the study is to be believed, women use handbags not just to make a fashion statement, but to shield their partners from other women preying on them. Considering how fussy women can get when it comes to selecting a handbag, there may be some truth in the study, which then brings us to the moot question: why is a handbag such an important accessory in the life of a woman.

Handbags, apart from being a fashion accessory, help boost self-esteem and can also define the status symbol of the owner. In America, on an average woman buy three handbags every year, a figure which could have been much higher if not for the extravagant prices of some luxury brands –celebrities like Oprah Winfrey are splurging as much as £24,000 on designer handbags! Many of us can’t even dream of spending that much money, but luckily for the average joe like us, there are many cheaper options available. And who cares if your handbag is £24,000 or £240, after all soon it will find its place in the bottom of the wardrobe. A huge variety of handbags are available online and prices vary. Check out handbag deals at Ikoala, where you will find both designer and contemporary handbags at great bargains. Here are some important reasons why women love their handbags:

I don’t wanna leave home without my make-up kit, napkins… I don’t know a woman who can survive without her handbag. And how can they, when it carries everything from money, make-up kit, feminine products to cell phone and underwears. With the handbag by their side, women can start their make-up anywhere they like, and can maintain their vanity! Also, there is no denying that today’s women are more empowered and they want to carry that empowerment (money) safely tucked inside their bags.

Fashion and handbag go hand in hand: Just like a bad choice of shoes can be the typical fashion faux pas, the same is applicable to handbags. No matter how good a top is, how costly the bracelet is, or for that matter, how glamorous the jewelry is, if you don’t top it up with a matching handbag, the entire effort to look beautiful and attractive will go to waste. Handbags come in various styles and designs and making the right choice for them is the key to a strong fashion statement.

Status symbols: Handbags are used by many, especially by the elite, as status symbols. Diamond- and gold-studded handbags are used by the rich to make not only a fashion statement, but to convey to the discerning public that they are rich, powerful and different from the lesser mortals. That doesn’t, however, mean that the women of other social class can’t or don’t use handbags to trumpet their superiority, or a college girl doesn’t use it to show one-upmanship over her friend. As you come down the social ladder, the gold and diamond may be replaced by cheaper metals, except the stakes remains the same for all.

Handbags are trendy, and women don’t want to be left out: Women love to shop, and if it is a handbag it is all the more fun. There are many international brands like Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and Longchamp, which produce handbags representing contemporary fashion. Most women today are conscious of how they look and how they can improve their style quotient; women are also conscious of the opportunity handbags provide them to achieve these goals. So, she will take that extra time to judge which handbag will match the dress she may have bought for an evening party, a friend's wedding or her spouse’s promotion party. In fact, the process of selecting a matching handbag is half the fun for most women –there are the ostentatious looking types, the bare-essential types, the jumbo types meant for carrying almost a small home.

Attracts the opposite sex: Handbags are also seen by a section as a means to catch the attention of budding prospects. In fact, there are many who are ready to shell out the last buck to get hold of that magic handbag they believe will land the killer punch.

Shoo away potential threats to their relationship: Like we already discussed, women also use handbags to up their fashion ante and warn potential rivals to stay away from their spouse or partner.

Improves self-esteem: If a woman is lying low, the best antidote would be to take her to a shopping mall and let her shop to her heart’s content. Handbags are also a great hit with woman, and is a guaranteed mood enhancer.

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