VIDEO! Nick Viall Accidentally Leaks Huge 'Bachelorette' Spoilers

'The Bachelorette's Nick Viall was filmed blabbing about the season. That's a huge no-no.

Nick Viall

*Major Bachelorette spoiler alert! You have been warned!* 

Ut oh. Nick Viall, reportedly the runner-up to eventual winner Josh Murray on the new season of The Bachelorette, which just premiered last night (May 19), is not a happy camper about coming in second place and being the first loser. The Season 10 contestant and Andi Dorfman suitor was apparently filmed discussing the outcome while on a plane. He spilled a lot of secrets, which should have producers going bonkers about all these reveals, since the season is in its infancy.


Okay, so we admit, this whole thing is a bit tricky .... make that totally problematic.

It doesn't seem that Viall was aware his conversation, which was quite loud, was being taped. So his privacy was indeed invaded.

However, he also broke a cardinal rule of reality TV and that's speaking about the season before the finale.

He likely had to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to participate on the show and this type of blathering is most certainly in violation of that contract. He could be facing some blowback and perhaps even legal repercussions because of this.

But we don't know yet. We just know that we learned a lot about the season in a few short yet candid minutes. Unless, of course, this is all a red herring meant to throw us off the scent. You never know — it's all speculation at this point.


Reality Steve broke the news that Murray was chosen by Dorfman and it's that site that initially called attention to these videos, which were reportedly filmed on May 11, two days after the rose giving ceremony. Viall was reportedly on a flight from Charlotte to Milwaukee, which is his home base. You can read his official bio here, but honestly, these videos do reveal a lot about Viall before we get to know him on the season.

It seems like he had to be disappointed about the outcome of the season to be sounding off so publicly.

In the first video, which is all of 30 seconds or so, Viall was candid, saying that Murray will do whatever Dorfman wants, which seems to indicate that he viewed Murray as a lesser suitor. He also says Murray has a bad temper, is competitive, emotional and insecure.

The second video (above) finds Viall talking about how he didn't plead his case to Dorfman. He said he disagreed with her choice but didn't try and change her mind. He also said he loved her family and that he thought he was the one and that Dorfman changed her mind at the last minute.


Perhaps Viall is in a state of shock about what the outcome was. 

Of course, this all assumes that he is indeed speaking about Andi Dorfman, Josh Murray and the season.