Exclusive! 'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman On Her Past Boyfriends

'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman

Juan Pablo Galavis may not have fallen in love with Andi Dorfman on the previous season of The Bachelor, but America certainly did when she finally told JP what everyone was thinking: Es not OK!

The new season of The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 19, and viewers couldn't be more eager for Andi to take center stage on her quest to find lasting love. Andi is one of the most beloved former Bachelor contenders, and if anyone deserves to find Prince Charming, it's the girl who was willing to tell Mr. Pompous to shove it.

We wonder if JuanPab and his chosen bachelorette, Nikki Ferrell, will be two of the millions watching Andi pass out the roses this time? After all, Andi still calls Nikki a friend, but JP is another story, with her mentioning that she hasn't spoken to the single dad since After the Rose, when he wished her good luck on The Bachelorette. At least his parting words were nice.

Alas, hopefully the group ABC compiled for Andi won't be as hard to love — or stomach — as the last guy. The Atlanta assistant district attorney will have a variety of men from which to choose, including an opera singer (Sharleen Joynt represent!), a firefighter, a farmer, an explorer, and a pantsapreneur (yeah, we have no idea what that is either, but it seems safe to assume it involves pants), and we're hoping one of them will be the man of her dreams.

YourTango: Going into The Bachelorette, what qualities were you looking for in a man?
I was definitely looking for a guy that was a family-orientated person. I'm the type of girl that definitely wants a family one day, and that's important for me to see in a future mate. And just a guy that's strong and confident but is also able to be vulnerable and share his emotions with me. I think communication is definitely something I was looking for in a guy going into this.

YourTango: Were there any deal breakers you decided on ahead of time?
I think I was pretty open. I will say a deal breaker for me is probably someone who absolutely doesn't want to have a family. That's one of my ultimate goals in life, and I think that'd be a deal breaker for me.

YourTango: What types of guys have you dated in the past, and did you find yourself in more long-term relationships or dating around?
I've definitely been more of a long-term-relationship girl. I've dated guys in the past that have great bodies, great manners, great levels of respect for me. I've always dated individuals who were close to their family. I've really had a very good experience. I've been lucky with the guys that I've dated in the past.

YourTango: Do you believe in love at first sight?
I think I do believe in love at first sight. I honestly have never had that before, but I'm open to believe in it. It's a romantic idea and a great idea, and who knows?