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This Just In: Could Taking This Pill Daily Prevent HIV Infection?

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Although our society has gone pretty far in lowering HIV infection and death by AIDS there is progress to be made. HIV rates are still high due to decreasing condom use. Why oh why is this decreasing?! Don’t we know that safe sex is not only safe, but sexy? Being healthy after all is definitely sexier than being sickly, and we even came up with how to make safe sex sexier!

In order to address this troubling situation, Federal Health Officials are targeting at risk groups like gay men, illicit drug users, and heterosexuals with at-risk partners, by advising to take a certain pill daily! This change in policy is of course controversial. There are 10,000 people currently taking this medication in the US, but if more people start taking this regimen then that number could jump to 500,000.

Find out what pill the CDC is recommending here: Major CDC Shift: Use Pill to Block AIDS

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