Save Your (Love) Life: 9 Reasons You Need To Date A Nurse

nurses smiling

Have an appointment to go see the doctor? Here's why you should check-in with the nurse first.

It's National Nurses Week! And boy do we appreciate them. Without nurses, there'd be no leverage between the waiting room and a visit with the doctor. There'd be no one to check your stats, draw your blood and hold your hand when you're nervous as hell before undergoing gall bladder surgery.

Nurses are the first people you see when you're in post-op, the first people to tell you how great you did on the operating table and the first people to keep a room full of concerned and confused faces calm after a major disaster strikes or an accident occurs. And though they're often undermined when it comes to professional success, hospitals, doctors and patients are better off because of nurses. But nurses, male and female, aren't just the bee's knees in the medical world; they're also pretty amazing once you take them outside of the hospital, too.

They're calm and considerate, cool under pressure and a walking medical dictionary — not to mention, pretty well-versed when it comes to human anatomy and your pleasure spots.

So before you set your sights on taking home the doctor, here's why you should aim for the nurse instead.

1. They've Got Job Security.

Guess what? Hospitals, doctors, and patients … they're always going to need nurses to help them through the most meticulous and mundane tasks — but they're not the only ones. According to national statistics, the unemployment rate for nurses in the United States is less than two percent. That means that nurses know what they want, how to get it — and how to keep it, which makes their long-term relationship appeal look pretty good, right?

2. They're Both Physically And Emotionally Strong.

Did you think that trying to carry your laptop and your gym bag to and from the office and managing a team of entry-level assistants without loosing your sh*t five days a week was tough? Try changing bedpans, changing, clothing and bathing patients with unheard of needs and keeping it together when a person's prognosis doesn't look all that uplifting. Nursing is absolutely one of the most physically demanding and mentally strong professions — and though they're constantly faced with the most

3. They're Better Caregivers Than Doctors.

Here's something that absolutely won't shock or surprise you: Nurses are looked at, both by those in and out of the medical profession, as offering better care for patients than doctors. Research performed by Thomas Bodenheimer found that people are turning to their nurses more and more frequently for answers to their most pressing patient care issues. Need more proof? Before stepping across the podium every nurse vows to "Do no harm." It's good life — and work — advice. 

4. They're Morning  And Night People.

Looking for a partner that preps the coffee hours before you're ready to pour it or someone who shuts off all the lights in the apartment before they go to sleep? In 2001, ANA/NursingWorld.com found that 51 percent of nurses admitted that they worked an average of 41-60 hours per week — which means they were probably up hours before you were and still making rounds while you were drifting off to sleep. Since patient care is a round-the-clock service, nurses generally work long and grueling 12-hour shifts from 7-to-7. 

5. They're Great Communicators.

To their credit, nurses are taking in tons and tons of important information every day, from medications and allergies to prognoses and care plans. So early on in their careers, nurses learn how important it is to be clear, honest and thoughtful communicators. They know that saying the wrong thing could result in the wrong dosage or procedure. So you can expect them to be open and upfront about what they want in a relationship, what they need and whether or not you're giving it to them.

6. They're Trustworthy

There's no question people trust and confide in nurses — they're present for some of the most critical moments in their patient's lives every day. And, according to Gallup research polls, nurses hold the number one spot for the "most respected profession". Who doesn't want a partner that's respected, trusted role model?

7. They're Flexible

Not only do nurses have flexible schedules, but their careers are flexible too. With 104 specialties and a number of advanced nursing degrees, nurses can do a variety of work. Hospitals, nursing homes, doctors' offices, schools, etc. — the options are endless. And, should you two choose to move, healthcare is a necessity all across the globe.

8. They're Sociable

Nurses can talk to anyone and everyone. Old, young, man or woman — they come into contact with all walks of life on a daily basis. Not only can they strike up a conversation with their patients but they establish trust immeaditely. This incredible quality comes along with your date outside of the workplace, too. Dinner parties, family occasions, drinks with friends — you'll never have to worry about your date being shy no matter where you take them. 

9. They're Skilled When It Comes To Body Knowledge.

Nurses know the ups, downs and ins and outs of human anatomy, which means they won't have any trouble finding your pleasure spots — and then never missing the mark. You won't have to worry about showing off, either, because if you don't know where or how to touch a nurse, they'll give you a one-on-one anatomy lesson to make sure you're giving your very best — and so will they.

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