Not So Happy Mother's Day: 6 Celebs Estranged From Their Moms

Jennifer Aniston

Mother-daugher relationships are complex and these celebs have been long estranged from their moms.

Mother's Day isn't always one of celebration and joy, at least not for these six celebs who are estranged from their mothers. 

Falling out with one's mother can't be easy since, you know, she's mom.

But humans are imperfect beings and not all moms deserve the "World's Best Mom" coffee mug. Not all children — and in these cases, not all daughters — are flawless, either. Mother-daughter relationships are fluid, complex and complicated, and these celebs and their mothers have been at odds for some time. The wounds are deep. They are also subject to much media scrutiny and speculation.

Sure, Mother's Day, which is this Sunday, May 11, has to be awkward and uncomfortable for anyone who is not in good standing with the woman who birthed them. Perhaps the Hallmark holiday can inspire some healing or at least some relationship Band-Aids?


Meg Ryan:

The button-cute rom com queen (herself a mother of two with son Jack and adopted daughter Daisy) and her mother Susan Jordan have not spoken in a looooong time Years ago, Jordan admitted, "I wish there would be forgiveness. To be frank, I pray for it. It's a painful business to be estranged from your child." The lore pertaining to their estrangement dates back to Ryan's formative years. Susan divorced her husband and chased a theater career in NYC, leaving Meg's father with the kids, which scarred the actress. Later on, Jordan expressed disapproval of Ryan's plans to wed (her now-ex) Dennis Quaid, furthering the chasm between them.


Jennifer Aniston:

The superstar with good hair and her mother Nancy Dow were estranged for a decade, when Nancy spoke about her famous daughter on a TV show in and then wrote the book From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir, which landed in 1999. Aniston was so incensed by the expose that she didn't even invite Dow to her wedding to Brad Pitt. She did reach out to her mother in 2005, when she and Pitt split. Aniston also once revealed that the relationship was always rocky and Dow took to telling her daughter how unbeautiful she was. Jeez! Is Nancy blind? Jen's a stunner. Still, these two have lost years in their feud.


Frances Bean Cobain:

When grunge goddess Love was famously accused of using heroin while pregnant in a Vanity Fair cover story, who knew that would foreshadow the future drama with her only child, daughter Frances Bean Cobain? Frances, now , was temporarily removed from Love's care when the VF story hit. Later in life, FBC's paternal grandmother Wendy Cobain and aunt Kimberly Cobain were her guardians. She even had a restraining order forbidding Love from contacting her. Love has often ranted about her sole offspring on Twitter, taking things public.


Ariel Winter:

The Modern Family cutie, who is just , is estranged from mother Chrisoula Workman, alleging both mental and physical abuse. Winter now lives with her adult sister Shanelle Gray. This arrangement has been in effect since 2012 and was just extended this week. While the notion of physical abuse has been disputed, the allegations of emotional distress and abuse were proven true by evidence provided in a child protective services report. Poor kid! All this personal drama, coupled with a full-time job on one of TV's best shows. We hope the family can get past this.


Vanessa Minnillo-Lachey:

The former MTV host and TV personality and her mother Helen Bondoc have long been estranged Bondoc abandoned the family 20 years ago, leaving Minnillo and her adopted brother with her father. The ladies have not mended their rift and Bondoc was not invited to Minnillo's wedding to pop star Nick Lachey. Mother and daughter have not seen one another since Minnillo was nine, either. They have had random phone conversations, though, according to Bondoc. We don't hold much hope for a reunion here.


Tori Spelling:

Drama, thy name is Tori, and not just with her now-crumbling marriage to Dean McDermott The reality star and actress and her mother Candy have been at odds for years, with Tori's first husband Charlie Shanian dishing that Candy and late husband/Tori's dad Aaron called Tori a horrible daughter. Ouch. Tori and Candy have also battled over TV producer Aaron's vast fortune. These ladies have their ups and downs but it never seems smooth sailing with these two. We don't get a sense that there are a lot of warm fuzzies between 'em.

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