Exclusive! Why Did Emma Stone Nearly Pass On 'Spider-Man'?

Emma Stone

Emma Stone believes in love. Even when it's between a girl … and her red-suited, bug-eyed, pretty hot, web-slinging boyfriend.

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Stone's science wunderwoman character Gwen finally hears the big three words — I love you — from Peter Parker/Spider-Man. And he doesn't just say it, but we won't reveal anything more because we don't want to ruin the movie.

How was it to act opposite her real love Andrew Garfield? On a Sunday morning in Manhattan, a chic looking Stone — wearing a beige silk blouse and mini-skirt — didn't hesitate to answer the question.

"It's great to be in this epic love story because this movie isn't just about the action," she says. "It's also about this couple and what they do for each other and how they support each other. Gwen supports him. He supports her. They have a love scene on a bridge that is really a beautiful moment. These are two people who really love each other."

YourTango: You do it all in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. What was the most difficult part of the movie?
Emma Stone:
 I should say the stunts, but then again it wasn't scary to do them. I always wanted to be Cathy Rigby in Peter Pan. That's just me. I love swinging from wires.

YourTango: Are you fearless enough to be hoisted up all those feet in the air to swing with Spidey?
Emma Stone:
 Oh, I'm not totally fearless. When I was seven, I fell off the six foot high parallel bars in gym and broke both of my arms. Remember that scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love when Ryan Gosling lifted me up and I was shaking? Ryan said, "Why don't you trust me?" I said, "Because you're only human. I trust wires and a stunt team!"

YourTango: So you have your height limits?
Emma Stone:
 I would never bungee jump, but put me on a roller coaster and I'm fine.

YourTango: Your character Gwen is really unique in that she celebrates girls with smarts. She seems very Emma Stone-like.
Emma Stone:
 I think we're similar in that we both knew what we wanted to do for a living at a very young age. We were both passionate about our goals. I always knew I wanted to be an actor. She knows she wants to go to college, study medicine and save people. We are very different in that Gwen is very science minded. Math is not my strong suit. She's also less dramatic than I am, which is why I became an actor.

YourTango: What was it like to film with Andrew?
Emma Stone:
 It's really great. It's easy because we've worked together in the past. It's really nice. When you're out making a movie, you're usually flying to some far-flung location and then being ripped away from these people you really like. This was a way to reunite with cast and crew.

YourTango: Okay, now a love question related to the movie. There is a lot of push-pull between Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Gwen. She's not sure where she stands with him. What is your take on this situation where the guy won't really commit?
Emma Stone:
 She's like a lot of women who want to know where they stand with a boyfriend. Of course, it's always complicated between Spider-Man and Gwen. In this case, he wants to keep her safe. He promised her father he would keep her safe. But he loves her and wants to be with her. It's such a hard issue because, does he love her in a way where he has to let her go? And she's thinking, 'Do you love me or do you want to save the city?'

YourTango: I heard that you originally thought about passing on this role?
Emma Stone:
 I was in the middle of shooting The Help and I was sent some sides from the Spider-Man script. Then I was told that Gwen would have this arc. I was sent an iconic picture of her from Issue 121. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. All of a sudden, I couldn't read enough about the history of Gwen and found out she's really unique. I thought to myself, 'Just because it's a big movie doesn't mean I'm not interested.' I went to audition with Andrew and it was instant. I knew this was the right thing. I knew it would be a life changing experience.

YourTango: It really is about this relationship between Gwen and Spidey.
Emma Stone:
We define in this second film what is so great about their relationship. It's nice to remind ourselves that this is a strong couple. There is so much that they do for each other.

YourTango: What do you think makes a strong couple?
Emma Stone:
 I think you need to support each other.

YourTango: Is it hard to keep all the secrets of this second film from family and friends?
Emma Stone:
 So hard. And we filmed this in New York City, so a lot of photos were taken while we're on the set. I can't control it. You want to have a lot of surprises for the audience.

YourTango: What is life like after wrapping a Spider-Man movie?
Emma Stone:
It's busy, which is great. I'm working with Woody Allen and Cameron Crowe. It's a pretty formative time in my life right now. Someday I'm sure I will look back and decide how Spider-Man has affected my life. Now, I'm just savoring all that it has brought to my life.