Shanna Moakler On Life After Exes Travis Barker, Oscar De La Hoya

Hollywood Exes Shanna Moakler

From raising $100,000 for the Children's Burn Foundation on NBC's Minute To Win It to launching her clothing line Fauxy Fauxture, Shanna Moakler is keeping her name in the spotlight. And behold, we are about to see more of the actress on the small screen when she makes her debut on the third season of VH1's Hollywood Exes, premiering May 7. 

Here, the former beauty queen turned Dancing with the Stars contestant talks her return to TV and love life, including her current relationship with exes Travis Barker and Oscar de la Hoya:

YourTango: Tell us about your new role on Hollywood Exes.
Shanna Moakler:
I am the newest cast member going into the third season of Hollywood Exes. I am just me, it is not much of playing a character, I am just myself. Obviously, I have a couple of famous exes and I am really excited to join the cast and be with such a great group of women with similar experiences.

YourTango: Your last stint in reality TV was close to a decade ago now, Meet the Barkers in 2005 and Dancing With The Stars in 2006. What made you decide to return?
Shanna Moakler:
I have always loved reality TV and I have been offered tons and tons of reality TV projects across the board, like you name it. I like this one because it isn't like I had to carry the weight of a show on my own, and it was other women who have had similar life experiences as me. I was interested to learn from these different women.

YourTango: Are you watching Dancing With The Stars this season? Who are you rooting for?
Shanna Moakler:
I am not watching Dancing With The Stars — I am a little bit bitter for getting voted off so early (laughs). But I do love a lot of the dancers on there. I love Val [Valentin Chmerkovskiy] and Maks [Maksim Chmerkovskiy] and Cheryl Burke is a really great friend of mine so I always want to see her do well. 

YourTango: Can you tell us a behind-the-scenes Dancing With The Stars story that you've never told anyone before?
Shanna Moakler:
Oh gosh … There is so much that goes on in that show. I think it is common knowledge that people get a little frisky with their dancing partners. I mean like sexual tension, you are with your partner eight hours a day and you are dancing and some of these dances are very sexy and a lot of flirting goes on with the partners and the castmates.

YourTango: Since the show is called Hollywood Exes, we have to ask, are you dating anyone now?
Shanna Moakler:
I am dating someone right now. He is not famous, he is a regular guy and I've never been happier actually. It has really fulfilled what I am looking for in love. I met the guy that I am dating in this kind of crazy place in L.A. called The Cowboy Palace. Think urban cowboy … there is line dancing, a live country band, cowboys and cowgirls. I like it because it is really cool, it has people of all ages from 21 years old to people in their 70s. The men ask the ladies to dance and it is just a really fun positive place.

YourTango: Are you comfortable sharing his name?
Shanna Moakler:
Nope, not yet. I don't want anyone to know how fabulous he is! 

YourTango: If Taylor Swift were to write a song about your love life, what would it be called?
Shanna Moakler:
Gosh … maybe "Back and Forth" and "Here We Go Again"? That sounds really sexual, doesn't it? My ex and I, we went back and forth for a long time, and now I am in a new awesome relationship so here we go again. We are going to give it another shot.

YourTango: You've had some difficult public breakups. What advice would you give your younger self about love, sex and dating?
Shanna Moakler:
I would tell my younger self to be very careful of the third parties surrounding your relationship. Be very careful who you share your innermost details with. I think what really affected my relationships in the past wasn't really even my partner and I, as it was other people getting involved in our relationship. I also think communication and actually spending time with each other is so crucial. My first fiancé [Oscar de la Hoya] would go up to Big Bear and he would train for three months at a time and I couldn't always be there. And my ex-husband [Travis Barker], obviously was a rock star and he would be touring and I had to be home with the kids. That time apart, you know they say that being apart makes the heart grow fonder but it is important to take that time to make those date nights and fall in love with each other over and over again.

YourTango: What is your current relationship with Travis Barker and Oscar de la Hoya?
Shanna Moakler:
[My oldest] just had her 15th birthday and Oscar took her to Disneyland. Travis and I, I see him three days a week. We co-parent our kids together, we have a pretty unique arrangement going on with our custody and we are good friends. And I think both my exes and I realize that our kids are our priority and we have to put the past in the past and forgive each other for whatever has happened in the past and move forward and do what's best for our family.

YourTango: You have recently undergone liposuction on your belly, arms and chin. Why did you decide to do that? Have you faced criticism for it?
Shanna Moakler:
Yeah, I have faced a little bit of criticism, but I can promise you I've had more interest from people because I think I've been very honest about it. I just turned 39 years old and I've had three children by C-section and I live a really active and healthy lifestyle. I work out really hard and I think that people know that about me, they know that I am in the gym and I've tried. But when you have a C-section and your stomach muscles are cut three times, some things just don't go back. And it wasn't like I had major surgery; it sounds like a lot but I was just getting little tweaks here and there, you know little things that just wouldn't budge. It was a decision that I thought long and hard about, and I have always thought that if the time came that I needed plastic surgery, I would utilize it ... I will probably do a little more as I age into my 40s and 60s. I don't think that women should be ashamed about wanting to feel better about themselves at all. I just wanted to feel good in a bikini again. I am not trying to look like a Victoria's Secret model; I just want to feel good in my own skin and I do.

YourTango: Philanthropy is something that is dear to your heart. You raised money for the Children's Burn Foundation on NBC's Minute To Win It.  Why is this cause special to you?
Shanna Moakler:
Well, obviously my ex-husband was in a horrible plane crash. He was in an intensive care burn unit for about three months, he underwent 17 surgeries, and I spent about four to five weeks with him there, in both Georgia and L.A. I saw a lot of different burn victims, from young children to men … I've even seen people pass there. With burn victims, I don't think people understand that it doesn't end once it heals, a lot of people have to go back to their normal lives and they may have a disfigurement and they have the challenge of having to live their life with this new sort of 'look.' The Children's Burn Foundation is a really great foundation that not only teaches people how to avoid being burned, but educates the public on crazy things that you would never imagine, like children grabbing a bowl of hot soup off the counter or men barbequing and smoke going in their face, and things like that. There is also a summer camp where people with bad burns can go and have camaraderie and be with other people who are facing the same situation, to give them that support that emotionally they need after their burns have been healed. It is a great organization and I am really proud of it.

YourTango: Who's someone people would be surprised to know you dated?
Shanna Moakler:
Umm … I dated Billy Idol. But people kind of know that though, huh?

YourTango: Describe losing your virginity in three words. 
Shanna Moakler:
Can I do it in four? (laughs) My dad's dentist's office.

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