Season Of Love: 5 Reasons May Is Going To Be A Total Sex Fest

couple flirting

It's the first day in the month of May and in case you haven't peeked outside yet, spring has arrived! Buds are blossoming into flowers. Babies are being born and kids are running out to play. The warm sun is breaking ... and couples everywhere are feeling a little friskier than they have in the past few winter months. You can thank Mother Nature from waking you from your sexless winter hibernation.

The history of May Day harkens back to thousands of years ago, rooted in the Celtic festival of Beltane, which, in its heyday was basically a riotous sex party. May Day means ushering in the season of love (and lovemaking — wink wink) and here is some hard research that proves those ancient May Day revelers weren't so far off mark.

1. Peak babymaking occurs in the springtime.
In the northern hemisphere where there are drastic seasonal differences, scientists found that couples were getting pregnant the most in the spring. Why? Hopeful parents-to-be are having a little more fun in the sun! Scientists at Austria's University of Graz conducted a study and found that women ovulate more in the springtime. The secret? Sunshine! Vitamin D helps boost a woman's sex hormones progesterone and estrogen by 13 percent and 21 percent respectively. Additionally, the production of Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH) and serotonin have been directly linked to sunlight exposure. All of these chemicals combined make a strong sexytime cocktail. They help regulate a woman's menstrual cycle and boost her sex drive, making a little miracle more likely.

2. And at the same time, babies are being born all over the place. 
Historically speaking — specifically from the late 1700s up until the '40s — there was a peak birth rate in the month of March. This pattern indicates a peak conception period in late spring and early summer — meaning May Day!

3. Online porn searches are at an all-time high.
Even though the sun is inviting us to go out and "play," some are still hiding from the dark of their homes. Citing a study published in the journal Archives Of Sexual Behavior, researchers tracked Google keyword searches in the United States for pornography, prostitution and dating sites over the course of five years. The real-time results indicated that search volume surrounding naughtier terms peaked between the winter and early summer — springtime, that is.

4. There's all that eyecandy to ogle.
In a poll conducted by the Associated Press-Weather Underground, people agree that spring is the designated season of love: it's prime time to fall in love, date around, meet someone new or get married. Additionally, two-thirds of people polled find potential more attractive in shorts and bathing suits than bundled up in heavy sweaters and boots. Not exactly a surprise there, but it bears repeating what's on everyone's minds!

5. Spring simply gets us in "the mood."
In a survey conducted by Wet Intimacy Products, 78 percent of respondents announced they feel sexier when the temperature starts to rise. Hence, alot of sexytime starts to occur. Thirty-eight percent of the same respondents admitted that they find their inhibitions are lower in the warm months: nearly half are more likely to flirt with a stranger and 38 percent are more likely to have a one night stand.