Our Kid Saw Us! 6 Ways To Not Let This Ruin Sex Afterwards

couple sitting on bed in matching pajamas

So everything finally fell into place. You both got the kids fed, washed and in bed. You both are not too tired to get down. You finally get things started and suddenly you hear a small child at your door.

Although your initial reaction is probably horror you must remember something. We have all been there! We were either that one child that has been awoken by our parents' love-making only to walk in on a confusing scene or we have been the parents who have forgotten to lock the bedroom door. The good news is that your child will bounce back from this. You may assume that the bad news will be that this embarrassing act of being caught will end love making for the night, but that's not true!

There are six ways to get the mood back into your room so your night doesn't have to be ruined.

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