Oh No He Didn't: 5 Subtle Signs He's Cheating On You

One red flag? The phone freak out.

cheating man

The "other woman." This is quite possibly the worst phrase and feeling for someone to accept. Instead of spending your time analyzing his every move, let's recognize the signs beforehand, so you never have to take this terrible title.

The Phone Freak Out
Have you ever tried to grab your beau's phone for something as simple as a time check and he FREAKS out? "Easy girl, is that yours? Ask first!" Really buddy? That's a little dramatic, don't ya think? The truth is his reaction is based on his fear of you finding his collection of inappropriate texts and/or pictures of his other girls. Now, some advice for him: if you don't want to see a REAL freak out, I would suggest you get your act together OR learn how to use the delete button.


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