Who Is Ian Somerhalder's New Lady, Molly Swenson?

Get the details on Ian Somerhalder's rumored new girlfriend!

Molly Swenson and Ian Somerhalder

Does Ian Somerhalder have a new girlfriend? Rumor has it that the wannabe Christian Grey has moved on from his The Vampire Diaries co-star Nina Dobrev with a lady named Molly Swenson. Neither party has confirmed the pairing, but E! News reports that the pair were cute and cozy this week. So who is Molly Swenson? We've got your curiosity covered!

Molly Swenson was a contestant on American Idol.
Swenson was only in the top 50, but considering how many people try out every year, that means she still sounds better than your average bear.


She runs RYOT.
Swenson is the COO of RYOT, which is described as "a socially conscious media agency that includes RYOT News, the first news site to link every article to an action, and RYOT Creative, a creative consultancy for cause-based storytelling." So whatever that means. Ian Somerhalder is linked to the company.

She worked for President Barack Obama.
Swenson previously served as a headhunter for the Obama administration. Nice!

Swenson is a smartypants.
She graduated from Harvard in 2010 with honors and a BA in Social Studies.

Apparently, Swenson and Somerhalder aren't big on PDA.
They looked merely friendly when spotted out and about ... but they also held hands. No one holds hands at a party unless they're dating, hooking up or talking!