Exclusive! Greer Grammer On Her Famous Dad & Growing Up Grammer

Greer Grammer

Plus, what's her current relationship with ex-stepmom (and ex 'Housewife') Camille Grammer?

Best known for playing Lissa in MTV's Awkward, which returns for its fourth season April 15, Greer Grammer is carrying on her family’s showbiz legacy — yep, her dad is Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) and her older sister is Spencer Grammer (Greek) — with her TV role and a couple of upcoming movies. She had a lot to say about her famous family, love life, and a couple of celebrity newlywed pals.

YourTango: What can you share about the new season of Awkward?

Greer Grammer: It’s senior year and the class rankings come out. There are college visits and Spirit Week and drama with the different characters. You get to see more of my character Lissa’s family and the way she interacts with her mom.

YourTango: Growing up in an acting family, did you always want to act? Did dad encourage or discourage you?

Greer Grammer: I did always want to act. As a little kid, I was a different Disney princess every day. I’d run around the house in my costume and fully embody the character I was playing. My Fair Lady was my favorite movie. My parents didn’t encourage or discourage it. They encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do.

YourTango: Your older half sister Spencer also acts. Have you competed for roles?

Greer Grammer: Luckily, no. There’s only been a couple of times when we’ve gone out for the same roles. She’s like nine years older. She goes out for college students and I go out for high school kids.


YourTango: Were you close growing up?

Greer Grammer: I grew up with my mom and she grew up with her mom so we saw each other on holidays and occasions, but we didn’t grow up together like normal sisters do. We didn’t become closer till I was about 15 and she was 23 when the age difference seemed like less of a gap.

YourTango: What about dad’s younger kids? What kind of relationships do you have with them?

Greer Grammer: There’s a bit of an age difference but Mason, my younger sister, is 12 now and my little brother Jude is nine and Faith is going to be two in July. When I see Mason, we’re very close. I love spending time with her. She’s such a cool kid.

YourTango: Now dad is expecting a new baby with Kayte.

Greer Grammer: It’s exciting! My dad loves babies and creating a family with Kayte. Faith is beautiful. So I think it’s awesome for them.

YourTango: Have they told you the sex of the baby?

Greer Grammer: I don’t know. Maybe they know but when I talked to my dad, he only said, 'We’re having another baby.'

YourTango: Do you get along with Kayte?

Greer Grammer: Yes, of course. Kayte’s great. She’s sweet and cool and awesome. I’ve always really liked her.

YourTango: Must be a lot less family drama than when he was married to Camille.

Greer Grammer: Camille was always really nice to me, so I can’t say anything about her and my dad’s relationship because I really only saw them at holidays and birthdays and things like that; I didn’t know anything about what was happening. I’ve seen her since and she’s always been kind to me, so I have nothing bad to say about her. KEEP READING YOURTANGO'S INTERVIEW WITH GREER GRAMMER!