Ditch That 'Headache': How To Correctly Turn Down Sex

unhappy couple with a therapist

Sometimes saying no to your husband is tough. If you do it the wrong way then it can cause a serious rift in your relationship. Sex is often not just about pleasure, but a way to emotionally connect so turning down your partner the wrong way can be emotionally hurtful. So does that mean that you should force yourself to do the deed even if you don't want to? Nope! Experts instead advise to just be honest about why you don't want to.

That of course means ditching the old "I have a headache" excuse and truly saying what's on your mind. Are you really not in the mood because you're tired? Have you both been missing out on alone sexy time because both of your schedules are just too crazy to fit it in? Communication can certainly help you both work out what your situation is and come up with a solution.

Better communication isn't the only advice experts gave The Stir. One also advised to seek other ways to share sexual intimacy without intercourse!

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