Fashion Do Or Don't? What Guys Really Think ... Of Crop Tops

crop top

Guys understand, appreciate and know very little when it comes to a woman's style. It's true that women dress for other women, but that doesn't mean guys still can’t have an opinion. We asked trusted men in our lives to dish on what they really think of crop tops — and it was just as hilarious as you’d expect. Surprise! Bearing your belly in a half-shirt is pretty confusing for a dude.

Why Do You Wear It?
"I don't get it," Adam, 26, admits. "Do you not want to wear a shirt but since you have to you’re going to wear the smallest size possible? I don’t think they're flattering. I really don’t."

James, 28, agrees. "I guess I just don't understand the style — and why girls are paying money for it. My girlfriend and her friends went to a festival over the summer and all of them bought crop tops. They spent like $30 each on them. I was like, 'Ladies, I will make you a crop top.' I guess it's okay for a festival —you want to be cool and funky and boho — but if she was to wear it to dinner with my parents? Absolutely not."

Collin, 25, summed it up quite nicely. "Wait, what's a crop top?"

They're Okay … Depending On The Scene
"I noticed all these girls wearing half-shirts last summer," Rob, 27 says. "I'm not really into them personally, but I guess if it's worn for the right time, like a hot summer night at a party or to a summer festival, I think they're cool. Definitely don't get all the 'craze' surrounding them, though."

"One of my co-workers wore a crop top to work and I was positive she was going to be sent home," Mark, 26, says. "Our office is really laidback but I definitely thought she was pushing the envelope a little bit too much. My boss sent her home two minutes after he saw her."

Ryan, 30, says that he's already tired of the trendy style. "They're fine for festivals, but otherwise, I hate them. If you're wearing them to impress your girlfriends, then wear them only around your girlfriends. Guys aren’t into stuff like that."

They're Never Okay
"Crop tops? They're definitely one of those 'girls do it for other girls' types of trends," Anthony, 32, says. "I'm not into them. I think they're dumb. If you don’t want to wear a shirt, don't wear it; I support that!"

"Here's the thing," Alex, 27, tells me. "The girls who shouldn't be wearing crop tops are the ones that I see most often wearing them. I don't mean to be stereotypical or rude or insulting, but I just think you need to be really selective about how you wear it. But overall, I don't really like them."

"I saw a girl wearing one at the bar in February — and I was like, 'Crop tops, in winter? Come on,'" Phil, 29 reveals. "First of all, it wasn't that cute, and second of all … it's winter! Why are you wearing a crop top?"

They're Just For Festivals And Summer
A few of the guys that I spoke to said that crop tops were fine — if they were worn to the right occasion. Their locale of choice? Festivals and summer concerts, where the style is already funky and you can show off your toned tummy and your penchant for tiny tops. Kyle, 26, said, "If I met a girl at a festival wearing something funky and fun that included a crop top, I'd think she was cool, but a girl at a bar on Long Island? I'd just think she was trying too hard."

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